Momo's Graduation

Kindergarten awaits and this little guy is ready!

Lutins du Bois has been nothing short of an extraordinary experience for the kids and I.  Like many other parents that have no French speaking ability (or very little), I was nervous about sending the kids to a French immersion preschool.  Will they struggle?  Will they fall behind?  Will they feel frustrated and out of place?  

Dear parents who are having the same worries about sending your little one to a French preschool, the younger your kids are, the easier it will be for them to absorb the language.  Their brains are already absorbing everything else at top speed at this age!  

As with any classroom experience, having great teachers is everything.  Our teacher(s) were so loving, both kids talked fondly of their teacher often and incorporated their school experience into their pretend play at home.  Even with just two days a week for 2.5 hours, both kids gained vocabulary and impressive pronunciation.  The French aspect was NEVER EVER EVER a source of discomfort.  I am so grateful Chloe lasted the entire year without any upsets.  Moses, went through about a month or so of not wanting to go to school at the end of his first year, but it had nothing to do with the French.  In fact, they both show great interest and exuberance about it, asking what the French word is for random things on a regular basis.  

The many families we have met and connected with are the cherry on top of it all.  Though I am sad that we are not able to continue at École Bois-Joli (the preschool is separate from the rest of the school which requires either Quebecois background or fluency in French), there are many other families in the same boat that will be moving to South Park French Immersion.  

A few photos from the graduation night...

After 5 years, I still don't recognize myself in my life as a mother.  I still can not wrap my mind around the reality that I've made it through two pregnancies, gave birth, and have been raising two human beings through thick and thin.  

What on earth is this third baby going to look like????


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