My Summer Girl

with the summer weather rolling in, these adorable starry denim overall shorties required an appearance.  you can't tell by these photos but much to the shock and disappointment of her mother and her auntie who bought them for her, chloe hates them.  i forced her to wear them the previous day, but having forgotten to snap a photo for my sister, i had to get grumpy pants to put them on again.  nothing that a Hi-Chew candy couldn't fix!  she put on a great show and i got some really sweet shots of my little chubba-roona-muffin-pie as the sun was setting at Centennial.  she was back into her mis-matched ensemble of a bubblegum pink Hello Kitty t-shirt with a black and orange wrap around skirt STAT.

she's going to be the best big sister.

chloe is so hilarious and wild
momo is so handsome and smart
what is this 15 week dumpling going to be like?


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