Second Trimester

I feel like ass.

BUT i shouldn't complain because it is still significantly less ass than i felt last week, the week before and all the previous weeks of first trimester hell.

the nausea is mostly gone.  it hits more randomly and not as intense but still more like a weird queasy discomfort in my stomach.  less pressure in my jaw.  the headaches have taken over, but even they are slowly slowly slowly gradually releasing the vice grip/man in the iron mask intensity from when they first began.

i've got a mixed blessing of a cold happening.  it's been two weeks and i am STILL congested, STILL coughing, STILL hocking loogies and blowing my nose red and raw.  the blessing is that the congestion that actually adds pressure to my already headache-pressured face/head, is actually keeping me from SMELLING EVERYTHING!  i don't die every time i walk into my home, my bedroom, the washroom, the elevator, the parking lot, the car, etc…  i have my own personal MASK of phlegm protecting me from the smells of the earth that have been causing me great anxiety.

i'm a lot more functional these days which is good because i've had a lot more work coming in and a bunch of family's that are expecting their summer beach sessions!  i've completed 99% of the two logos from earlier this year with very happy clients.  HOORAY!  and i just did Graduation Portrait Keepsakes for all 24 of Moses' fellow preschool graduates.

I HAVE FINALLY POPPED!  just a tiny tiny bit.  when i suck it in all the way, you can see the start of my preggo belly and from the looks of it, it might be a girl!  it's sitting pretty high and yes wouldn't it be great to have a photo?  i know, i'm horrible.  i'll try to get one this week.

i ventured into La Senza yesterday (saturday) for some new bras.  my largest 32DD was no longer cutting it to my great disappointment and terror.  i was hoping MAYBE there would be some 32E's but after 12 bras, it was clear that the mall was no longer accommodating grounds for the Big Titty Committee.  AND THEY HAD A MEGA BRA SALE FOR $12.99!!!!!!!!!  even the $40 ones were Buy One Get 50% the Second.   NO DICE.  so it was off to Langley to find something at Forever Yours Lingerie, specializing in sizes (and prices) beyond the mall.

$169 later, i am now the owner of TWO bras, size 32F.

F for F my back.  really, it's been killing me lately!

I won't say F for FML because it would definitely be a lot worse to NOT have bras at all in my size.  plus the employees offer probably the best customer service you could ask for.  i am just PRAYING that i don't get any bigger during this pregnancy because i already know what happens when my milk comes in.  i should have asked if they offer 32H since Chloe brought me up to 32G.

i love my kids but i don't want to talk about them because i have been at my wits end with those animals for the past couple of days.  maybe it's me?  maybe it's the hormones?  maybe it's the 100 different discomforts fighting for first place in my body?  i don't know.  they are driving me batshit crazy and i would like to not see them for 6 hours a day.

sigh.  i wish TEA was not on my aversions list.   at least i could sit down with a nice warm mug of coziness when i'm feeling like ass.  Taryn, i didn't understand the tea aversion until now.

anyway.  those is the updates from cranky hormonal preggo world.
photos to come this week.



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