Summer is Around the Corner

first things first:
i'm officially done with First Trimester!

crappiest baby photo scan ever.  scheduled for another in the coming weeks.

i had my monthly check up on thursday and the kids god to listen to the baby's heartbeat

they are going to be great older siblings.  it's going to be a riot.

school is coming to a close, it's been a great year for both of them with lots of positive feedback from the parent/teacher conference last month.  they are thriving.  it's hard to believe Moses will be wearing his graduation gown in two weeks and entering Kindergarten.  his progress and maturity was a huge jump from his first year of preschool, so i am looking forward to what Chloe brings to the table come September when she is one of the older kids in her class… and without her big bro!

i love documenting their outfits.  chloe always demands to have her Mermaid scarf tied around her head boho styles.  rocking her new crazy cat tights from KLF here with my old Harajuku bag.

Tera and Kat came out for a spontaneous dinner at Centennial

we ordered White Spot online and picked it up when we were finally packed for the beach

beach bums, ha.

searching for cool shells

thank you KLF for the s'mores!  they were DELISH!  
so good in fact that everyone cried for S'MORE!
(sorry, kevin made me do it. #lamedadjokes)

gooey and sticky

hey mom do i have something in my teeth?

i am a cancer.  the moon rules me.  i am a lunatic.

dirty beach faces

nom nom nom

it's gonna be a good one.  i can feel it.



  1. your kids have the SWEETEST duds! love chloe's mad style! also, Dr. SU!! has she ever read your blog? you should definitely send it to her... ! lovely pics as always, so much energy and sweetness. xo

    1. I love Dr Su SO MUCH. I was considering doing a midwife this time, but I would feel horrible, She is just the sweetest!


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