Sun in the Sky You Know How I Feel: Beach with Lindsay and Neil

everyone piled in the Falcon

C: what's in here….?
L: it's smoked tofu…
S: try it, chloe you'll totally like…

as i am currently what the French call "les incopetent", Neil helped to create the evening's dinner.  spinach and arugula with roasted chick peas, avocado, green beans, grapes, cheese, and homemade dressing.

the cottonwood trees are shedding.  my lens had a hard time capturing all the floating puffs of summer snow.  if you look super closely in the photo below, you can spot a few at the horizon.

Lindsay and I trying to see if we could catch them further down the trail

no dice.  but the sunset really started making some pretty colours.

one day we will have a house and a place to store our paddle board


indigo + violet

Neil and Kevin competing for the most perfectly roasted marshmallow for s'mores

Neil sharing with a really poor and dirty child beggar

oh it's just Momo

why couldn't we have been friends during the Mod Club Days.  seriously.


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