The Crazy Weekend: Double Dance Performance, Wedding, and Father's Day

last time i was here, was the night before this crazy weekend.  

10:15am - Dance rehearsal at the 

11:30am - Father's Day dim sum in Richmond with my Gung Gung

1:30pm - Need to be back at Theatre for performance

2:45pm - ACTUALLY get on stage and dance

Kevin and Moses drive to Vancouver to pick up Caela from sky train before picking up Chloe and I to drop Caela and kids off at home, get dressed and head out to Saara and Nick's wedding downtown at 4:30pm.

WE ARE LATE.  we arrive at 4:45pm.  My head is POUNDING from the 6 hours of running around and the nausea is coming on strong.  we are the last to arrive but we sit for another 10-15 minutes before the ceremony starts.


Sunday i feel like trash all morning until Chloe's next performance.  Thankfully my Mother in Law offered to pick us up as she was taking cousin Andie to the performance that day.


ma petit freak

lining up

ridiculously cute

we head to my inlaws for a quick splash.  chloe happily shaking with her new Princess tube

i gotta get this poor guy in swim lessons.  he is TERRIFIED.

Chloe making a getaway in Daddy's car


headed to Centennial for Fish and Chips
i tried in vain once again to get some of the cotton wood tree drifts

looking cool in camo and his silly flip shades

remember that South Park episode with Kanye West about Fish Sticks/Fish Dicks?

hands down the best Daddy i could ever ask for

ultra happiness


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