19 Weeks: Queen of the Crop

19 weeks

Congratulations! You've hit the halfway mark in your pregnancy. 

You'll start growing even more rapidly in the weeks to come, so don't be surprised if you find yourself slowing down. If you feel the urge to indulge in an afternoon nap, go for it, if you can. You and your baby deserve it. Your baby's hearing is developing, and she'll be getting used to the sound of your voice. Tiny teeth are also forming in her gums. 

The top of your uterus (womb) now reaches your belly button and will grow about a centimetre a week. Your baby measures about 14.2cm long from crown to rump and weighs about 240g. 

She is swallowing amniotic fluid, and her kidneys continue to make urine. Hair on her scalp is sprouting, too. Sensory development reaches its peak this week. The nerve cells serving each of the senses – taste, smell, hearing, seeing and touch – are developing in their specialised areas of the brain. Nerve cell production slows down as existing nerve cells grow larger and make more complex connections. 

You may have started to feel your baby's movements. If the idea of having a baby still seems remote, nothing makes it more real than feeling her move for the first time. Most mums-to-be start to feel movement (called quickening) between 18 weeks and 20 weeks. 

If you've been pregnant before, you'll feel things earlier rather than later. What you may first think is a rumbling stomach may be your baby doing some back flips. Make note of when you first start feeling your baby and tell your midwife at your next visit. 

The next 10 weeks or so will be your baby's busiest and most active time, until your uterus gets too crowded.

i'm sure many of you come to know me as an emotional roller coaster with gross TMI tendencies but always with a touch of humour.  if you didn't already know, i also have a few (shall we say…) vapid and superficial tendencies.  back in December 2013, when i was fighting 30 days of baby fever and mercilessly tried to get kevin to get me pregnant, i had my 2 very ludicrous reasons among some "sane" reasons for getting pregnant:

1.  My idol, Gwen Stefani, was having her 3rd baby so naturally, I should be having a third as well.  

2.  I wanted to rock my bump with some sweet Crop Tops throughout the Summer.

casual sweater with spiked denim
rhinestone blouse with leather leggings

not too shabby for a mom of almost 3

At week 17 I could feel the faintest movements inside.  This passed week 18-19, the movements picked up quickly and went from feeling internal movements to feeling a few of these movements from the outside!   EEEeeeeee!!!!!!  I'm so excited for them to come a little more often and a little stronger so that Moses and Chloe finally get to feel their little brother/sister kicking and pushing.  I know I may get to the point where it's a little too much action, but I'm crossing my fingers that the excitement and joy they feel will make it worth the future discomfort.

Time is moving fast.  I can only imagine how fast this second half is going to go.  July is over in a week and with two weddings and two long weekends, the rest of summer is going to come to a close just in time for me to have an emotional breakdown over my first child starting Kindergarten.  i have been telling everyone "…not til September…" and September is just around the corner.  I can not begin to think of what my life is going to be like not seeing him for so many hours 5 days a week.  As much as he drives me crazy and as much as I'd like a little more time to myself, I'm going to miss his sweet little face.  

I'm soaking up my mornings with Chloe.  Moses is finally at the point where he sleeps completely through the night and no longer comes into our room.  Chloe still comes in every night and every night I go to sleep, I look forward to waking up beside her to snuggle and giggle together.  These mornings will not last much longer as the baby will likely be taking her coveted spot.  

It feels very strange to think that there will be another person entering our family that we have grown so accustomed to.  Someone who will change everything and yet nothing at the same time.  The busy-ness of family life always makes time fly and the changes from day to day and week to week can hardly be noticed.  There only those brief periods when you catch a breath of air, look around, look at your children, look at your husband, look at your home and wonder… WHAT HAPPENED?  WHEN AND HOW DID THIS ALL HAPPEN?

Nobody, including myself, seems to be able to have a feeling of the sex of Number 3.  It's so exciting to  be having a surprise this time around.  I'm just praying so hard for a healthy baby.  I've been so very blessed with Moses and Chloe but I do not take their health for granted.  I know that life is unexpected and anything can happen, you can not bet on anything.  My cold has returned after a week or so of feeling like it was the end, and it is causing me worry.  Sigh.

Tomorrow night is the first Tsawwassen Movie Night.  I'm excited for the weekend!



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