my appetite is nowhere near what it used to be prior to pregnancy but at least the intensity of smells and aversions have tapered off enough to make life liveable.  i no longer fear to walk from room to room and i don't need to hold a napkin or towel to my face anymore.  kevin is still the primary dinner cook but i'm slowly finding my way in the kitchen again.  

i made my very first batch of granola last week.  i snatched up a reputable recipe from a friend who works at a popular cafe and it turned out great!  the original recipe was massive, so i only ended up doing a quarter of the original amounts which still managed to make 4 baking sheets worth.

the first batch (two pans) began to burn before the given cook time.  thanks to my heightened sense of smell, i caught it burning 5 minutes prior to the set time.  i gave the batch a try and was pleasantly surprised that it was still totally edible.  i blame it on variation from oven to oven. 

the second batch, as you can see is slightly lighter in colour.  i set the time to 10 minutes at 300 instead of 15 minutes at 350 and was much more attentive to what was going on.  it was a lot of ingredients that i didn't want to waste!

i mixed the batches together and filled 2.5 large mason jars.  

did a trial with some dried cherries and another with local blueberries

we're almost done the batch.  
i'm excited to play around with this recipe and create a few more varieties!



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