I love my MNM Family

Matt NéeNée + Baby Myla joined us for a DIY charcuterie dinner last week

they are set to uproot and give life a try in Amsterdam for a few years so this will definitely be one of our last times together for quite a while.  

no words can describe the joy i feel seeing our kids play together.

renee has been one of my closest friends for a long time.  we partied together back in the Glory Days.   and when i got knocked up with Moses, she and i became closer.  she massaged me throughout both pregnancies and was one of the first people to meet chloe in the hospital when she was born.  she came to the hospital with us and helped me through labour and brought me food the morning after.  she has been a true friend and i am overjoyed to see her happily married to one very wonderful and talented man, with a perfect little baby of her own.

Motherhood looks so good on this sweet lady

Myla, a true doll

Daddy Matt

it's going to be crazy to look back on these photos in 20 years

i've been converted.  this next baby is getting its own denim vest complete with patches and miniature pyramids.  god knows kevin has enough leftovers from his punk teen years...

kids practicing having a younger sibling

this face

life is so very very good


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