Kitty and The Count

My sister sent a package of goodies a few weeks back which included these super amazing Hello Kitty stick on nails.  Chloe's many requests were met with many broken (forgotten) promises, but finally, yesterday morning she caught me still waking up.  I figured I'd better do it.

they are ridiculous

at first she was pretty stoked

but realized very quickly that these insanely long nails were too impractical as every movement caused them to shift and hindered her ability to scratch an itch.

we had a very intense weekend, so yesterday was dedicated to mega chilling and recovery.  i have grown to love Mondays for this very reason.  these dedicated days of chilling also usually inspire me to spend a little more quality time with the kids doing more creative things...

like busting out the face paint.  

Chloe went for a purple kitty face

A perfect little Cheshire Cat if I don't say so myself!

Moses has been mildly obsessed with Vampires

I need to buy more as I run out of the white the fastest.  The brand I really like doesn't sell larger individual pots of white so I end up collecting palettes of colours with tonnes of red, blue, pink, purple and green with low quanities of white and black.

this cracked me up

and of course a few fun shots of the Summer Halloweenies together

the best part was by the time kevin arrived home from work, all moses had left of his make up were his gigantic eyebrows.

i love face painting.


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