On the Move!

We have signed our life away!

We have a few more things to sign mid-august and mid-september but come October, this little baby is going to be our new home!  We've been looking for over a year on and off hoping to find something for our growing family before the kids got too much older.  Space is tight in 1040 square feet with no yard and two energetic little bodies.  With Number 3 on the way, the pressure was on!  We would have been able to do another year or so until this Little One was up and walking but finding a home prior to his/her arrival would definitely be more ideal.  And so, with IMMENSE help from my inlaws and grandparents, we will moving into a small rancher right across from the kids elementary and a few blocks away from the high school.  What a godsend.  

The layout is great.  It's not quite as roomy as we would like but the layout is terrific and the bedroom sizes are on the larger size compared to many other homes we have seen.  There is a larger bedroom for the lucky two siblings that get to share which gets some nice soft light.  Love the living room's vaulted ceilings and wood burning fireplace.  Love the layout of the kitchen/dining/living areas and how they connect, perfectly excellent for entertaining!  Eventually, I would love to build a patio that extends from the master bedroom to the dining room, with doors replacing the windows to walk out into the yard comme ça:

ok ok ok, i'm already getting ahead of myself!

first things first, it's been a smokers' house so as soon as we get the keys, it will be full on ripping out the bedroom carpets, bulk TSP scrubbing and painting painting painting!  i've been going through all my Pinterest folders for home ideas and i'm getting super stoked!  i sat in bed the other morning with chloe and showed her my Kids' Room folder and i really can't describe how fun it was to see which things she liked and to give her a say in what she wanted.  

she's going to need a lot of love but i am looking forward to making her our new home!

larger bedroom

smaller bedroom.  there is a window behind the shelves.

master bedroom.  if possible, would love to see if we can convert the first set of closet doors into a stand up shower for the ensuite washroom

skylights for washrooms

lots of trees that need to be taken down to give the yard more light to help grow the grass back.  probably have some paved areas as well.  could probably close in the covered patio and convert to a guest bedroom or office/studio space!

we've got lots of work to do.  we gotta start purging and moving a bunch of extra furniture out to my in-laws to prepare our place to sell for September.  gotta rip out the carpet in our bedroom and get new carpets for the bedrooms and den first and foremost.  

i'm so excited!
to think we will be in a new place in 2-3 months just before Baby arrives!

sending a million thanks to the universe



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