Someone Call the Wahmbulance

this cold is a joke

still spending most of my time in bed.  possibly a mix of pregnancy tiredness.  pregnancy headaches mixed with regular headaches exacerbated by coughs.

this morning i woke up at around 4:30am.  hacking my lungs out of course.  i don't know if this is just a new trend in my pregnancy, since fellow preggo friend had been having the same issues a month ago.  possibly just my body saying "you've slept too long without coughing and all your phlegm has built up and needs to get out!"  the one lovely thing about these early morning wake up calls is being able to see the deep orange of the sunrise hitting the blinds.  with nothing better to do, i took the opportunity to take a few shots.  hard to believe that 5 years ago, Moses was just over a month old and we were often up together watching the sunrise during those early morning feeds.

anyway.  i went to bed worried that my eye was a bit pink.  when i woke up i definitely had a few of the same white goops that Moses had a couple of weeks ago when i was taking grad photos for his class.

on top of that, i also now have chloe's random ear ache that she had last tuesday.  basically, it feels like airplane pressure, plugging up your ear with random jabs of sharp pain.  tylenol has been good to me.

thank god today was a holiday and kevin, once more, saved the day.

Happy Canada Day Everyone!


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