And We'll All Float On: Float On Coffee + Bakeshop and Hitting the Beach

I have been following Float On for the last month on Instagram and finally caved in when they posted a photo of their gluten free Lime Madeleines.  it was the first mild day we have had in a while so I didn't mind making the drive into Vancouver.  plus, I saw on their website that they had a variety of Ice Cream Floats which would surely hit the spot.

it was love at first sight.  thrift shops and second hand shops no longer sell vintage furniture and household items they way they used to in the early 2000's.  Main Street used to be littered with them.  My Orange Bag was one of me and kev's favourite places to go.  Foundation is probably the only other place I can think of that uses 50's and 60's arborite tables.  Immediate good vibes here.

the kids and i shared a Cherry Cream Soda float and sampled the Carrot Apple Loaf and the Lemon Blueberry Ricotta Muffin.  The Carrot Apple is sugar free and was definitely my favourite of the two.  I am going to be making Carrot muffins tomorrow...

i ordered a gluten free veggie sub
i can't tell you how happy my baby was when the plate arrived with a side of chips

i took the last of the Lime Madeleines home for kevin
(the kids and i sampled one)

chloe keeping cool

lindsay had a few hours to spare before shooting video for the Squamish Music Festival and came to meet with us.  always a pleasure chatting with this lady.  

playing a happy tune for Lindsay

enjoying the last of their sugar crack float

checking out Lindsay's ride

HI-5's goodbye

finally.  a cool enough day to sit + lay at the beach while the kids ran amok.

i love this face

the water was perfect

this face isn't too bad either
and now for his next trick, Moses will make his stomach DISAPPEAR!

came home and totally crashed.


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