BC Day Weekend

madly trying to catch up as photos pile up

this week has been so crazy following last week's craziness that i would have lived tomorrow as thursday had kevin not just convinced me that today in fact is thursday.

tuesday and wednesday were spent in complete panic and chaos as our realtor had clients viewing another suite in our condo yesterday.  she called me up tuesday at 4pm to ask me if there was any possibility of us getting our place ready for a showing.  we weren't supposed to put our place up until first/second week of september so it was definitely an insane request.  

adrenaline basically kicked my body into gear.  kevin was not home and i needed to pack as many things as possible for him to start shipping out of our clutter-hell as soon as he got home from work.  we shipped out 5 pieces of large furniture, purged, and cleaned til 1:30am and again from 9am-1pm the following day.  thankfully Cait and her Momma came by to drop off some candles and a bistro patio set  (from another kind Tsaw friend) and they volunteered to help with the last of the cleaning.  i was sweating behind my knees from trying to clean every cupboard, baseboard, door in between shoving things into gift bags to hide in my car or hiding small random things in laundry baskets and drawers.  

our place never looked or smelled so fantastic.  the clients still went for the other suite, but at least the bulk of our work here is done and we can start looking into purchasing new carpets for the bedrooms and den.  

now that the wedding is over, caela put me back to work wednesday afternoon following our showing. after treating the kids and myself to cheeseburgers and ice-cream at DQ, i came back and went to work on two logo for the rest of the evening.

i'm exhausted beyond belief.  

alright, rant over, here are the remaining photos from the beautiful BC Day long weekend!

the Hasties invited a bunch of us over to the farm  Sunday evening for a weenie and s'mores roast
we arrived to Mike and Khara cooling off in the pool

chillin' like a villain

roasting weenies!

besties going to town on mango

i've been watching too much Breaking Bad
this photo just makes me think of DEA agents

half moon

scaling the dirt pile

second borns


check out the lovely toast job

illustrating a fire engine

Brixton post-s'more

up to no good


cotton candy sky
instagram was flooded with sunset photos of this evening

missed these mamas

we raced home to watch the BC Day fireworks from our patio for the last time in our home

it is hard to believe it's been 5 years that we have been here…  Moses was only 5 months when we moved in, i was 26.  we began our family here.  my pregnancy with chloe was here

 this is where they have grown up, where they have spent their very early years.  years that i know with time, none of us will really remember as our new home becomes the norm and we continue to grow.

i could have taken photos of the normal fireworks but it's too fun playing with the settings and recreating them into crazy designs

seriously, wouldn't it be so much cooler if fireworks looked like this instead?!!!

i love this photo.  i love that the colour is crazy and that it is out of focus, it has the same quality as a print from an old school SLR film camera.  

the following day was the Tsawwassen Sun Festival.  
we headed out to the parade and ran into the Happeneys who found a perfect spot in the shade

when cars were rad

swag galore

Momo's first time holding a bunny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kevin made us a super summer burgers with corn

organic beef, soy cheese, organic tomatoes + avocado, topped with homemade coleslaw
all topped on rice because i'm asian and kevin is a celiac


le fin

more photos to come tomorrow



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