Caela + Brian

everytime i think i might have some time to just chill out, the week is over and i'm trying to process what just happened.  we got the house Tuesday evening and immediately following, kev and i were rounded up to help out for Caela + Brian's wedding for that Saturday.  we baked, sprinkled and packaged over 100 cookies for Thank Yous, designed printed folded 75 programs, banged out a painting and typed printed cut and folded individual place cards for the 120+ guests.  

it's crazy.  Caela hired me at Westbank, 3 months before i got knocked up with Moses.  Moses was born.  she spent many days cleaning my desk, feeling my belly, going on food runs with me and planning my work baby shower.  I got pregnant with Chloe and she still stuck around, stalking the babies and telling me how my kids would be part of her wedding that she was planning.  like a Gemini, i was used to a lot of her ideas being more talk and less walk.  3 years seemed so far away, i couldn't imagine what the future would hold!  but here we are, 3 years later, not only did both my kids make it as part of her wedding plan, but i am knocked up once again.

i took a few snapshots here and there throughout but mostly left the magic to Gucio.
i can't believe how big my little guy is, sigh.  and so handsome like his daddy.

i was so very impressed with chloe.  she wasn't nervous or shy, she didn't fall apart, she took her role very seriously.  not a peep throughout the entire mass while she was many many pews away from me and out of my sight.  


with a few hours in between the ceremony and reception, we took a few photos in the cool and shady garden/grotto area


kevin is clearly wearing a thong

these two were made for each other


the kids table was amazing.  felts, activities, lego and a personalized bucket full of treats and toys

not gonna lie, Moses' lego building was the best complete with a propeller and a few shooter pieces


blowing bubbles with the LOVE ball.  ominous shadow happening here...

photo with the Groom 


it was a fantastic day.  got to sit with my old Westbank crew away from the kids who were just having a wonderful time on their own.  food was good although the lechon was definitely my favourite.  lovely  moving and funny speeches.  

the Flip side celebrated with the traditional Money Dance and once the dance floor was open, Moses began his 3 hour dance routine.  since he was born, he has been to 15 weddings*, so he has definitely become an expert on the going-ons and knows that the dancing portion is the most important part.  like mother like son!  he mostly danced on his own, travelling from circle to circle of guests getting hi-fives. at one point, he actually went around to the tables recruiting more guests to the dance floor and by the end of the night, many of the guests were trying to dance with him!  he had so much fun!  

chloe also had a ball.  we stayed until almost 11pm.  she did a lot of her own dance floor moves until later when the other flower girls requested she join them.  they were all so sweet to her.  they made her bracelets and rings out of those elastic thingies and called her outside when they were doing other fun activities.  

wish i had remembered to bring batteries for the flash that i remembered to bring.  i'll try to get the video kevin took but i'm really just too tired to do that at 12:22am…

and last but not least, loved the photo booth!


*15 weddings since 2009

Leanne + Marcus
Selby + Gord
Ainge + Sasha
Katherine + Brad
Taryn + Syx
Chris + Thomas
Eva + I Forget
Kyme + Niklas
Stephanie + Jason
Rosemary + Andrew
Renée + Matt
Mike + Ryan
Emily + Mike
Ashley + Ivan
Jimin + Dara

Plus 3 for this summer
Lauren + Andrew
Caela + Brian
Chelsea + Chuck


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