Happy Anniversary: Lucky Number Seven

it's our 7 year wedding anniversary today.  
our last anniversary before we welcome our third little baby into our lives.

7 years doesn't feel long ago, but judging by the photos, it's been an eternity.

the youth in our face and bodies is very apparent that we hadn't a care in the world other than where we would go out to drink and dance every weekend and what should we eat to nurse the hangover the next day?  and since we have all the time in the world we may as well go spend our week's earning's shopping.  

Photos by our lovely friends 
Miranda and Reilly Lievers of Blue Olive Photography

I think this is where we were directed to look off into the future.
Only now can I laugh.

Lucy is looking terrific.  She will finally be moving back in with us now that we have a garage of our own to keep her safe from the elements.

so young and unknowing of what 7 years down the road would lead us...

Farewell party life!
It's time to get that family started!

7 years later, these two beautiful souls are the centre of my life.

In celebration of our anniversary, I thought it would be fun to have them dress up in my wedding gowns since all they ever do is dress up in dresses and play Elsa and Anna.  They were both super excited when I told them what I had in mind.  They loved both dresses and took turns trying them on.

The one on the left was hand sewn by one of my girlfriends at the time.  She was well experienced having made countless costumes for her and her burlesque partner.  The brooch was vintage.  It fit like a glove and was so much fun to dance in during the reception.  

Momo's dress on the right cost me over three grand!!!!  I can't believe I actually allowed myself to drop that much dough on a dress, but it felt like a dream: Silk shantung taffeta gown by Romona Keveza.

I can't wait to have a similar photo of this girl in 20+ years

Moses was in love with this dress.  He didn't care as much for the party dress.
This doesn't surprise me as he is definitely the fashionista between the two of them.
I think he really appreciated the smooth heavy feel of the fabric.

Look Mom!  No Hands!

He didn't want to take it off


she's always going to be my little Wild Card
especially as she transforms into the formidable middle child

this kid looks gorgeous in anything and everything


I think I need to make a little booklet of this wedding dress series
Maybe make this an annual thing until they are big enough to not totally drown in Kevin's suit?


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