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Nicole and the boys ventured out from Vancity to meet us for Waffles + Westham Island

4 Waffles

and my first London Fog in 4 months!!!!

the kids were running around and noticed a bird stuck in my front grill.

this made me feel so sad because i saw this bird cross me when driving on the highway but i didn't see it ricochet and i didn't hear any sound.  i figured it must have flown faster than my eyes could see or it ricocheted out of my view.  the last thing i expected was that it would be stuck!  i hope it died upon impact and it was suffering for two days.

i planned to take it to the Bird Sanctuary on our way to Westham Island.

the flowers were in full bloom.  i picked up a bunch for the house.


Momo enjoying the flowers

i'd love to buy seeds and attempt to plant these beauties at our new home

Sharon from the farm helped to release the tiny bird from our car and put him in a bag for us to take to the bird sanctuary.  THIS MAKES ME SO SAD!!!!!!

after 5 years of living out here, it was our first time to the Bird Sanctuary.
Chloe asked if we could come back once they had taxidermied our little friend.

the weekend ahead:

Make Cake Topper for Baby Shower tomorrow
Farewell picnic in East Van with NeeNee + Matt before they leave for Amsterdam

Dim Sum with my Dad's Family
Wedding here in Tsawwassen for Kevin's cousin

Family Picnic at Diefenbaker with Kevin's Dad's Family
Food Photoshoot in Vancouver with Caela

"Monthly" pre-natal appointment (3 weeks late again…)
Our 7 year Anniversary

Have a fab weekend everyone!
Enjoy the last days of summer!


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