Morning Skate

i love Em.  i thank my lucky stars weekly for that day at Lion's park when i ask for her husband's number.  i would have never thought i would fall in love with this sweet lady and gain such a great friend.  she's always sending thoughtful Pins my way via her intense relationship with Pinterest.  at least she has the baked goods to prove she's actually putting the damn site to good use unlike many of us!  she's a fab baker and cook and a food lover like myself.  she's taught me how to pack for afternoon playdates in the park and is so easy to hang out with.   she loves introducing her friends to one another (almost secretly setting up new friendships…) so you will often find her calling people to get together and join her in whatever she has happening.

she put Dev in a Skateboarding Class and invited us to join.  Dev is already amazing thanks to his pro-skating Dad, but i decided to join for one day anyway since it was so close by and the kids do enjoy playing on their skateboard at the park.

two teenage boys lead the class for 2.5 hours.  they were absolutely the nicest, most genuine and and most considerate teenage boys i have met since kevin… ha!  they were so great with the kids and so polite to the parents.


the kids had a good time but 2.5 hours was definitely a bit of a stretch for them and they broke away to have some free time to run around and play their own games.

the summer is just about over
my wish came true and now i am panicking as it quickly comes to an end


  1. Seriously why is my niece growing so fast. I just got her that shirt and it already looks small. Guess I'll be buying 5Ts now!! She's only 3!! Dev was telling me about his skateboarding class. How fun!

  2. LOL I know!!! I think these kids are on the taller side but I'm always in denial when out shopping and trying to decide on sizes! i LOVE LOVE LOVE that shirt!


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