Starry Nights at Deas Island

i was invited last minute to join Em and the fam jam at the Annual Starry Nights event at Deas Island.  it was the first time i've heard of this and thought it would be fun for the kids so we headed out.  

the kids were intrigued by the gigantic inflated fish they saw as we looked for parking

paths were decorated throughout the park with electric tea lights covered with colourful plastic cups.  they looked great once the sun went down, but oh god how many of them were kicked over by both kids and adults

the kids made a lantern that came with a glowstick for when night arrived

we found our friends and followed a path to the bat house

it was difficult to see but apparently this house has a colony of bats inside.


it was difficult to see from in front of the house.  we moved to the side of the house and the kids laid out together to get a better view as the bats fluttered above the darkening sky.

my blog has been feeling so strange to me lately.  i'm so tired, too tired to really keep up, but i know in a year i'll be looking back to see how i managed to get through this pregnancy, and i want to have things to look back on.  i do my best to take photos when i have some energy and sometimes even when i don't.  my body is less able to carry all my gear as i am having trouble navigating around the house without anything at all these days.  i'm less inspired as the only thing i want to do is lie down.  i'm trying.  already when i look back, i feel sick reviewing the blogs posts i did back when i was in my first trimester and feeling phenomenally horrible.  

so tired.


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