27 Weeks: Sayonara Second Trimester...

it's my last week of Second Trimester!

You're on the home stretch. Once you've completed 27 weeks, you're into your third trimester. Your baby is growing steadily as he prepares for his birth day. He will gain weight rapidly over the next few weeks. As the size of your bump increases, you may feel more breathless and tired. Your baby's acting more like a newborn now, too. He opens and closes his eyes, sleeps and wakes at regular intervals, and may suck a finger or thumb. He may also be hiccuping a lot, which explains that odd rhythmic sensation you may have been feeling. 


Prego Updates

this crop top is pretty sweet.  a cheap find at Forever21.  belly is getting fuller.  the belly button is getting pushed out though i have yet to see any sign of Sir Linea Nigra.    

it was either last week or the week before i had a rough night of sleep.  i could feel my right calf tensing a little and i knew that meant LEG CRAMPS.  it kept me awake most of the night.  i was so scared of falling asleep and having it shock me awake that i slept lightly and woke multiple times.  well, last night i got my first one.  i started hitting kevin to help pull my foot back and massage my calf, trying not to shriek as chloe was sleeping beside me and has been miserable with her first cold from Back to School.

also had a very hot encounter with another girl in my dreams which was truly excellent considering there has been zero action otherwise.  thankfully, with nobody i know.  she looked like one of those models from Ben Trovato with long lean bodies and the tiny boobs that i wish i had…

getting more real baby movements as opposed to the quick little bumps here and there.  a lot more turning and pushing happening so that you can start to push back!  i'm so so happy that Fall is coming.  i've been waiting for the cool weather since before the start of summer.  i'm back to enjoying my London Fogs and wearing scarves and the occasional sweater.  second trimester is so good, i hope that all my go-go-go keeps me a little smaller this pregnancy so that i can remain more mobile.  

Work Updates

i have more energy these days, though it gets thoroughly used up with all the sudden projects that have landed in my lap over the past month.  i've been doing a bunch of graphic design work with caela with a handful of photography jobs.  one of the bigger projects has been a rebranding of a Vietnamese restaurant in Tinseltown including a new logo, window decal, in-house and take-out menu, food photos, sandwich board, and business card.  it's a different pace with less risk involved and less physical demands than photos, so i've welcomed it with open arms.  the last few photo gigs have been for events which has given me the opportunity to photograph outside of my usual children and family pace and style.  i just did a family session last friday and will be doing another one tomorrow in a big beautiful home on English Bluff!  

House Updates

i'm sad to say, we had an accepted offer from last week that fell through yesterday.  mega bummer town.  thankfully we still have some time to sell, but i was really looking forward to not having to clean like a maniac for last minute viewings.  that was really sucking my energy dry!  we have decided on bathroom tiles and the sink and we are still shopping around for a good price for a modern square tub.  we are still on the fence about carpet vs lino.  i'm miserable about not being able to have the concrete floors again so i figure maybe if we just get a lino in a similar colour, we can put down some colourful fun rugs and still keep that same clean modern colour scheme.  it's temporary while the kids are young and disgusting…  and if this baby projectile vomits as much as Moses did, then we will definitely be thankful for lino over carpet.  wood or laminate is out of the question because there is already two (possibly 3) different woods running through the home.  

October is less than 2 weeks away…  omg omg omg

photos untouched.  not too shabby.


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