Baby List

i finally got around to making a list of baby things last month.
it is funny to think how different this list is from Moses' list…


1.  Change mat x2
2.  Wipes

3.  Tushi Stick buttcream
(seen locally at Buttercups but probably available at specialty baby stores around lower mainland)

4.  Bum Genius Cloth Diapers
These were my favourite and the easiest to clean.  i gave the two i had away and the other goodmama ones i had were hell and a half to scrape poo out of…

can be found at hipbaby on 4th in Vancouver

5.  Disposable Diapers - for going out and when i'm having one of THOSE DAYS...


6.  Bottles
7.  Bottle Cleaner

8.  GRASS bottle dryer

9.  Burp cloths
10.  Nursing pads
11.  Nursing bras - very worried that 32J doesn't exist for nursing bras...


12.  Baby tub (think i tracked one down…)
13.  Baby towel hooded
14.  Baby wash - preferably as natural and organic as possible


15.  Onesies - short sleeve/legless as well as head to toe

16.  Warm Onesies for winter outings x2-3
(Old Navy)
17.  Socks
18.  Tights/Sweats


19.  Glider - if anyone has one or knows anyone selling please let me know!!!!
20.  Bumbo - i'm sure i can track down a few hand-me-down ones locally...
21.  Vibrating/Bouncey Chair - this too should be easy to track down…
22.  Play Station/Play Mat - IKEA has a bunch of decent stuff reasonably priced

22 things!  that's it!  considering i was totally the mom that had 5 of those wooden toy animals on her list for moses, i feel like i have listed the absolute necessary here.  seriously, these little buggers don't need anything other than boobs and diapers.  everything else is luxury.

I'm pretty good for the big things:
crib mattress
waterproof mattress cover
ergo carrier
crap totally forgot to grab carseat off of renee… might need a carseat

i've got a handful of small shoes/booties from Moses and Chloe and some hats for the cold weather.

back to searching for FREE pianos on craigslist…


  1. Thanks for this post! I totally got the grass for a friends baby shower this past weekend and they loved it. I had never seen such a thing!

  2. No problem! It was definitely one of my favourite things with both kids :) Stoked they made a larger version too!


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