Back to School

preschool is totally old hat for chloe
and thank god, because she's already hell and a half to deal with these mornings

she wakes up fine and once we are in the car we are fine
it's everything in between that is a huge issue
she has meltdowns over everything and anything
she doesn't know what to wear and  spends 20 minutes rolling around her floor until i come storming in at which point the waterworks begin.  she doesn't know what to wear.  she doesn't want to wear anything i suggest.  she has actually already told me that she can't pick her clothes the night before because she KNOWS she will change her mind int he morning.  and i can't argue with her because i'm the same way... sans the waterworks and rolling around on the floor.  

once she finally has clothes on, she spends another millennium sitting in front of her breakfast.  sometimes she doesn't finish her school snack, likely because she is distracted and runs out of time which means she is super HANGRY by the time we get home and starts melting down while i'm trying to put lunch together. 

that being said, i'm thankful that once we get to school she is completely stoked to be there.  stoked on her teachers and friendly faces she has gotten to know over the last year.  she doesn't care that moses is no longer in her class and i am sure it is giving her a chance to be more independent and shine without his constant bossing around and lecturing.

moses and i enjoyed our mornings together.  while chloe enjoyed her independence at school, we would come back home for little snacks after a little grocery shopping.

today was his first day of Kindergarten.
he was super excited.  he got dressed in seconds and ate his breakfast no problem.

today was a measly 45 minutes but it was probably for the best since upon our arrival to the crowded schoolyard, his excitement was dampened by anxiety of his new surroundings and unfamiliar faces.  there were a few recognizable classmates, but it was only when his new friend from soccer arrived and started being silly with him that he broke into his tiny toothy grins…. if but for 5 minutes before crumbling by my side and clinging onto me with muffled whines in my arm.

once the two classes were sorted and we got into his classroom, he was much more settled.  he sat on the floor with the rest of his class and listened to his teacher.

the stood to sing Oh Canada!  apparently this is a weekly thing.
they sat back down for a story at which point i left with chloe to take her to school.

sigh.  i don't understand why they would start pre-school and elementary school at the same damn time.  i've resigned myself to stressing out about it.  preschool understands, so chloe will just have to be 10 minutes late for the rest of the year.  i can't wait to be in our new home so that i can just walk him across the street.

back to school again tomorrow.  as nervous as he was, he said he was ready and felt ok to go back tomorrow.  crossing my fingers he is a little more comfortable tomorrow.


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