First Days of Soccer

After many years since Moses was in swimming (4?!), we finally have him in enrolled in an extra-curricular activity: soccer.  As usual, he was enrolled last minute, which of course exacerbated my hormone spiked anxiety of whether he was going to like it or whether I would be stuck trying to control my impatient temper while failing to convince him to let go of my body and go join the others on the field.

i never used to have this level of worry and anxiety, but i am so glad that he has proven me wrong with both kindergarten and soccer.  he's had 2 practices and 1 "game" and he isn't entirely put off by the amount of running.  i was sure i would be clawed in the face with whines of being tired, especially if he wasn't succeeding.


team hoorays

good game low-fives aka germ collection

chugging back to refuel

and the notorious oranges

i'm so glad he hit it off with one of the boys who also happens to be at his elementary

that was last weekend's "game"
i took a few more at tonight's practice just because it was really beautiful out

my crazy one

i can't get over this backshot.  i love how he grabbed all his gear and threw his hoodie over his shoulder as if he's been playing the game for 10 years already.  so far, it's been a fantastic experience!  the coaches have been awesome, so great with the rambunctious boys, so patient and understanding.  it's all about having fun and learning and being a team.  moses loves his gear and has made friends, i'm so happy and grateful that he loves it and looks forward to playing.  

this week has been so goddam rough with gradual entry but i have found comfort in hearing the same amount of grief and stress from a bunch of other moms that have been juggling the strange and inconveniently short schedules with their other kids.  tuesday will be there first full day of school.  i look forward to the lack of driving back and forth between kinder-preschool-home and killing 1 hour periods of time in between, but so nervous about how he will adapt to being away for 6 hours a day 5 days a week.  he's such a homebody.  i really shouldn't be so hard on him, he has been pretty damn good about his new environment, new classmates and new teacher.  i'm sure i was the same if not worse.  he goes in with anxiety (gee wonder where he got it from…) but emerges happy and positive about his experience.  


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