Silent Ringing

i recognize this feeling.

it's been a while since i've felt this under slept and overexhuasted.
i think baby has decided to pre-train me for the level of tired and irritable that will be pushing through upon his/her arrival.  i find is so difficult to fall asleep only to be woken up earlier than usual, unable to fall back asleep again…

i'm sure this would be less of a problem if i wasn't currently juggling so much.  i'm happy and excited for all the things i've got on my plate, but my pregnant body feels otherwise and is struggling to keep up.  i'm stoked to have had so many projects land in my lap out of nowhere.  after a quiet hiatus for the first half of the year, i've suddenly received a nice handful of photography requests on top of a bunch of  graphic design work.  it's hard to say NO when i'm feeling more confident in my work again and certainly hard to say NO to extra cash-flow when we have a bunch of renos to get started on… NEXT WEEKEND!!!!!

UGH.  just got a whiff of my armpits.  serious BO happening.  sick.  TMI.

stoked to get started on renos.  stoked to move in and be so much closer to the school.  stoked to get over this gradual entry schedule that has me running around like an insane person.

MON 9-945
TUES 11-145
WED 11-12
THURS 9-1030
FRI 9-1130
MON  9-130
TUES 9-3

with chloe having school MWF 9-1130, this week has been SUPER RIDICULOUS.

tomorrow is going to be insane
Moses 9-1030
Dr Appt in Van 3pm
 (probably hit up Whole Foods prior to appointment to pick up iron pills while they are virtually 50% off)
ZOOM back into Tsawwassen  (god please let there be minimal traffic) for Moses' soccer practice from 5-6pm
Dinner with Ashley

OH and MAKE SURE the house is in viewing condition for Friday's Realtor Tour 10-12.

i'm stoked the kids love their soccer and dance but FML for one less day of sleeping in!!!!!

thankfully, we have another Open House set up for this coming Sunday.  please please pray that we get a solid offer!!!!!

i'm so tired.  my feet are sore, my calves are sore, my back is sore, my ass is sore, my eyes are on fire and i'm so irritable and bad tempered.  harumph.

going to go try to take a nap…


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