so these are a few weeks old now but i'm sharing them anyway.

we've been having a lot of showings lately including our Open House yesterday.  it's been a mix of heaven + hell living in a space that demands a state of constant perfection just in case someone wants to come see our place.  i'm learning how to be OCD bootcamp style.  we are all living according to a very different set of rules than we are used to, the kids included.  they can't do anything.  they are old enough to understand that if we want someone to buy our place, their room can not look like it's been devastated by a hurricane... or rather two.  we have pared down our things to the absolutely necessary which has helped to keep clutter at bay and easier to find a place for everything to belong.  of course there are a few things here and there that end up being hidden in a drawer, but i'm understanding the peace of mind that comes with having LESS.

the photos below are from when we emptied the bedrooms and den to have the new carpets installed.

i think the kids enjoyed the temporary clusterfuck

in the midst of the craziness, we managed to enjoy a lovely homemade gluten-free pizza dinner, cozily centred around our stump.

i love this guy
i feel so blessed to have such a great guy by my side as a partner in life and father to our children

salami, cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms generously coated with spinach + arugula

to our growing family and new beginnings



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