C'est L'Halloween: Mon Petit Lapin!

it's Halloween week!  i love and hate Halloween.  it's my absolute favourite because it gives me a chance to challenge my creativity on my schedule of "LAST MINUTE" and i am always excited to see what i will be able to pull out of my butt 20 minutes before i need to be out the door.  this costume was a synch.  last month, chloe told me she wanted to be a bunny.  the same day, we ended up at the local Thrift Shop that JUST HAPPENED to be the same day they put out the first bunch of Halloween goodies and i found this full on suit for $5.  yes, $5.  it's slightly small for her, but i figured for $5, it would get her through this Halloween!

the pre-school held their Halloween festivities early, today for the MWF group and again tomorrow for the TR group.  thank god for costume day because it distracted her from being her usual royal pain in the butt this morning.  she brushed and jumped into her costume tout de suite, ready to have her face painted at 8am.  let me tell you, at 33 weeks pregnant aka sleeping badly and moving like a crotchety old lady, 8am is too early to face paint while still having to get snack and lunch ready for two kids!

i jumped on interest and searched "bunny facepainting", showed her my top 3 and let her choose which one she liked best.  we went with a mix of the three and i think it turned out pretty damn good.


more costumes and Halloween fun to come this week!



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