Girl Time: Le Marché

This tiny little corner sits beside the house of my second-cousin.  It was at his 15th birthday where I first met my husband-to-be.  I had survived my first year of high school, turned 14 and a week later, attended a small gathering with my cousin and his friends for his birthday.  Back then this tiny little place used to be a ramshackle convenience store that sold no name brand items.  Today, it is an exquisite little diamond in the rough for the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood, offering in-house baked pastries, crepes, coffee, tea, flatbreads, croissant sandwiches in addition to popular specialty foods including Earnest Ice Cream and sausages from D-Original Sausage.    

i've been wanting to come by since we last passed by earlier this summer.  it was one of the few places that had Earnest's Whiskey Hazelnut ice cream that we were bringing for dessert to a dinner in Vancouver.  i was so glad to have stumbled upon the revitalized shop as i was quickly overwhelmed by its ambience and menu of delicious items.  

Chloe and I met up with my cousin Nik for a brunch date after my doctor's appointment on the West Side of Vancouver.  I shared a London Fog and Pain au Chocolate with Chloe while my cousin Nik ordered a croissant aux amandes and a Chai Latte.  as much as I love London Fogs, the Chai was sooooooo delicious.  

as it was lunch and Chloe and I are piglets, we also shared a savoury crepe

i almost forgot, they also sell organic produce and grocery items

can't wait to go back for more crepes and to get that Chai on my next visit!


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