Girl Time

with Moses in school 5 days a week and Chloe in school MWF, Tuesdays and Thursdays are reserved for Girl Time.

Inspired by our first Lipstick + Stripes photo sesh last Spring
Neon Angel by Ilia
with Black and White Stripes

since Chloe has that tiny hurricane of a cowlick smack dead centre of her hairline, she will never know the pleasure of a thick blunt bang.  i bribed her with some chocolate to let me pin some faux bangs on her and more chocolate if she would let me take some photos.

i couldn't decide whether or not to photoshop the pin out
my bleeding eyes told me to forget about it

god how i love the gold highlights in her light wispy hair

my mom says she is exactly like me which makes me wonder who the eff i am because there are so many mornings where i want to strangle this muffin for driving me completely out of my mind.  my mom also told me she was surprised how well i turned out so maybe i just need to swallow 20 more years of chloe's garbage before i can say the same thing to her hahahahahaha

ugh.  i'm hardly even alive right now.  my computer has been dying and i pretty well have NO TIME for work or blogging until after dinner at which point my body crashes big time and i feel like barfing.  thankfully kevin has been trying to helping me clean up and transfer stuff onto external hard drives.  i really need to be better at organizing and taking care of the computer because this happens every Fall.  there is something stupid happening with blogger's settings where sometimes my edited photos show up auto-enhanced or rather auto-dehanced and i can't be bothered to fix it right now.  not that anyone cares or notices except me.  

my thanksgiving post was written 4 days ago but i have yet to get to the photos.

i haven't even had the chance to get to the past 3 sessions i have done and i feel like a jerk but i feel so insanely wiped and huge and uncomfortable and barfy.  i booked 5 people for Christmas Sessions.  that was my max capacity.  i am praying i have more energy by then.

31 weeks.  jesus when did that happen...


  1. chloe is such a gorgeous wild little thing!!! i love these photos, phanie! hang in there mama ...


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