Renos: Weekend 1 + 2

The Foyer + Living Room

Bleeding nicotine walls
Height of Stink as we first started washing down the walls

Even kevin's Nana came on the first Saturday to help wash walls for a couple of hours

All the wood in the foyer was removed which made a huge difference in the smell

Priming has begun!
(holy crap those closet doors look SUPER piss yellow now!)

Opened up the hallway by removing the window/glass
that came with all that wood

Those picture frame squares are just out of control!
They are as white as the drywall mud!

I can't wait to set up this entrance with a tiny bench and framed piece of art and potted plant...

Looking awesome today!

Tore down drywall to reveal the original fireplace brick and the peaked roof

Currently deciding on fireplace insert  
Excited to see these bricks all cleaned up and painted!

Priming the ceiling today...

Notice how the dark wood trim is just as contrasting 
as when it is removed to reveal the unstained white paint!

Kitchen doorway was knocked out back to its original larger size

Bedroom #1

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, my sister and her husband were so kind and generous to fly in and help us with the renos.  My BIL and my brother had the gross job of scraping the ceilings of the nasty crusty ceilings in the bedrooms and the living room.  

In addition to the ceilings being scraped and mudded smooth, kevin also spent extra time cutting down the dated curtain valance thingy (nobody seems to know what it is called…) from being an overhang to a clean edge.

Looks cleaner, a little more open and less dated

The before photo is not so great for showing the ceiling, but it definitely looks better smooth

And today, after finally finishing all the mudding and sanding, the carpets were pulled out!

Bedroom #2

1.  Original

2. Ceilings and Overhang

3.  Good-bye Carpet

Master Bedroom

1.  Original

2.  Ceilings and Overhang

3.  Good-bye Carpet!

Much work has been done on the exterior

The first weekend we filled all these garbage cans plus 19 tied up bundles
of shrubs and small trees and a slightly smaller haul went out again tonight!

With the rainy weather setting in, we also have a bunch of crazy ass mushrooms

more shrubbery from the back of the house

the kids really enjoy running around and playing hide and seek
 in our backyard of a forest...

a little too much fun sometimes hee hee

so there you have it! 
the first of the renos with more priming and painting to come which i know is going to make a world of difference to the smell and the brightness!

a huge huge thank you to everyone who helped us get through the past two weeks.  a special thanks to my sister and husband for flying out to help us with the ceilings and for my brother for graciously giving up his time to help with all the dirty work.  there is still so much to do, but i look forward to the middle-of-the-night feedings where i can look back on these first weeks of renos from what will be our new cozy home.


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