THE HOUSE: First Days

we got the keys yesterday afternoon!
Chloe and my Mom joined me while Moses was still in K

checking the mail

there are a total of 3 of these horrible fan lights
the natural light is actually quite nice in the afternoon
happy to have a small area in the foyer to put a few hooks for guests

clean and simple

as you peruse, notice all the lovely picture frames that used to be hung
immortalized by 20 years of cigarette smoke

currently looking into inserting a gas fireplace and scouring interest for fireplace facades

piano going on that back wall between the dining room and kitchen entrance

Record Console to go in the dining room to the left

dining room looking into living

in a few years i want to redo this kitchen...

something like this.  white bright, maybe with some crazy ass floor tile

Laundry Area aka
Home Alone Basement/Furnace ROAR!!!!!!!

love these organized set ups for small spaces


this will totally work!

to the bedrooms

the grandma room to become M+C's shared bedroom

we've dubbed the other bedroom: the Heroin room

can NOT WAIT to tear this bathroom out!!!!
we've got the floor and wall tiles and sink on hand
checking out a bathtub tomorrow and have a back up if it's not what we want
gotta look into faucets and a toilet

the master bedroom that one day will have double doors out to the
deck that will run the length of the backside of the house to the living room and dining room

the fun begins tomorrow:
detrimming, removing lights and washing down all the walls to prep for painting
(i'm afraid to see the bucket of water after one wall!)

as you can see, this is going to be the most phenomenal 
you will ever see purely based on the fact that it currently looks like a drug house

it's going to look so different in about 2 weeks!


  1. PHANIE! this house is so awesome!! such great light ... and you guys have the vision to turn it into something incredible ... hehe the heroin room ... omg ... rich and i were looking at houses in tsawassen ... vancouver is so bloody expensive and silly ...


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