Halloween 2014

i don't know if it is the hormones or the fact that i am still so over the moon with Moses' Edward Scissorhands costume from last year, but apparently i was really trying too hard this year to upkeep my standards for Halloween.  it could very well be the hormones…  it almost feels like instead of the whole "nesting" frenzy that usually takes over, i am trying to do as much as possible to wrap up this "mother of 2" phase while i still can.  honestly, it feels like i can't.  and i am tired as hell.  i think the only thing that is helping me is taking the iron supplements.  i shouldn't be up right now, i should be asleep.  i had been waking up early for quite a while and then in the last week or so, i have woken up completely and utterly exhausted, needing to snooze over and over.  

anyway.  here are snippets of this year's Halloween.  i'm so glad it is over.

both kids had trips to Westham Island for the Pumpkin Patch and of course i attended both.  it was Moses' first Kindergarten, i couldn't miss it.  it was a miserably cold and rainy day.

Chloe's fieldtrip was the opposite.  the sun came out and we had some of the most beautiful light!  i made it a point to attend because this year she is one of the older kids and she has made a lot of her own friends that she really loves to be with.  i didn't want to miss out on that.

she is clearly going through some strange phase of making cray cray faces
also, her hair is so long right now

she picked the most perfectly round pumpkin with an excellent stalk

i love Songza.  how it has changed my life.
i had the kids scrape out all the pumpkins while making dinner the night before Halloween.

dancing to Thriller

Halloween morning arrived.
i dropped off both kids at school: Chloe as a bunny and Moses as his spider.
i came home and instead of making dinner ahead of time, i painted my face.
i started only to realize "oh crap i still have to pick up the kids with this face"

my brain is not functioning.  oh well.  i love Halloween.  nothing to be ashamed of as the only parent picking up their kids from school with a full on intense skull face…  i guess.

i picked up chloe and got her dressed in her Maleficent costume

it got great reviews later that night when i posted the photo, but at this point of the day, i was very frustrated and disappointed that i had not done a better job perfecting the horns and making sure that the headpiece in general wasn't completely wonky and unstable.  it kept falling off.

i was pretty proud of the sceptre.  glowing bouncy ball + pack of balloon-stick-holders.  kevin hot glued the ball to one stick then surrounded that stick with the other 5 that came in the package, holding them together with scrap fabric and enforcing it with eyelet ribbon.

we picked up Moses.  we changed his costume temporarily for Halloween at the Mall because i'm insane and i thought this other costume would be hilarious.

i'm pretty sure this is where chloe lost her sceptre.  DAMMIT.

my mom drove out to enjoy Halloween with the kidlets.

pretty rad spider craft

she didn't want to wear the headpiece and i shared her sentiment.  i painted some extra black around her green to at least give more of a hint of who she was supposed to be but i don't think it mattered.  i actually kind of like it without the hat because her hair looks gorgeous in comparison to her make up.  she looked like some kind of evil witch/sorceress anyway...

i didn't get great photos.
some battles need to be let go.

he was eventually a good sport about this… once the candy started flowing.  he was not at all impressed when i picked him up and told my fashionisto that this was what he had to wear.  even showing him hilarious photos of Jim Carrey on my iPhone was not enough to convince him but he did it for me anyway.

we came home and ate our usual "lazy dinner" of gluten free frozen cheese pizza from costco topped with tomato mushrooms and arugula.  i did the kids make up again and we headed out for Trick-or-Treating.

apparently, the spider eye-balls hat won him one of the Top 3 in his class for best costume.  the winners got some weird jello candy.  he could totally be lying since he keeps making up stories but whatever.  we didn't make him spider legs.  my other excuse, on top of being pregnant and exhausted , is that a bunch of our craft stuff is stored at my in-laws.  

the kids had a blast.  i didn't not bring my camera with me trick-or-treating although i wish i did.  i was completely wiped and could hardly walk with nothing to carry.  chloe had a blast but got tired pretty fast, especially as their bags filled up rather quickly.  Moses ran into one of his classmates, a little girl who apparently talks about him quite a lot at home!  it made me so happy to see him enjoying his first Trick or Treating with a friend!  he had a fantastic time.

and now it is November 1st and i have 6 days to get my Christmas Sessions sorted for next weekend.  

i'm so tired.


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