Renos: T Minus 14 Days

renos felt like they slowed down a bit but since having our condo sold, there has been a mightier push to figure out what really needs to be done.  as you can see the washroom demo has begun...

our last photo of the living room space

it is amazing how much difference repainting makes!
(and my piano!!!!!)

sigh.  the light is so pretty i am so happy!

the gas fireplace insert is going in next week and kevin will be able to return the rest of the bricks to the chimney.  painting was delayed for a while as he had to remortar a bunch of bricks outside.

to the bedrooms...

our last update

man those closets…
got spotlights ready for the hall although we just learned we need to cut a mansizezd hole to lay down some insulation in the ceiling since there was nothing when kevin cut the light holes out

To the master!
already looking so nice and bright from the hall!

our last update...

looking much more welcoming!
currently have IKEA's $5 ceiling lamps installed until we find something we really love  

the small bedroom (the heroin room…)
before and after

the kids bedroom
before and after

onto to the gutted washroom!

kevin took the tub out yesterday afternoon while i bought thinset and grout for tiles
picked up our tub and ordered bath + shower faucets online yesterday evening
have our sink but still deciding on its base, faucet, toilet and light fixtures

another set back we faced was having our crawl space flooded with about 3" of sitting water.
we ended up having to dig a moat around the house.  it hasn't rained since the digging started so we are waiting for some rain to see where the water is heading to/from...

we have it around one side and half of the backside of the house, but this is what we currently need some extra man power with if anyone is free for an hour or two anytime of the week/weekend!

hoping to get carpet installed this week
duct cleaning, fireplace insert and biosweep for the following week right before we start moving in!

exciting and stressful!!!!!!


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