School Update

i wish that i could just transcribe these blogposts.  i am in a constant whirlwind of juggling so many things from day to day that it would just be so much easier to have someone typing these posts for me while i'm on the go.

it's been a while since my last post on Kindergarten.  since then, we have gone through a few transitions and Parent/Teacher interviews for both kiddos.

the second piece of paper Moses brought home was a GOTCHA

apparently these are given when someone goes a little beyond the usual so i was super stoked when he showed me this one!  he helped to clean another table that he was not sitting at.  sounds like him, always helping to clean up chloe's mess!

that was followed by another DOH!
this one involved a few other boys at recess

don't mind the paper behind…  
i didn't realize at first that i had taken this photo with the note on top of kevin's "healing package"

and the last one was thankfully from 2 weeks ago

he's been doing really well.  i know that he has been trying.  when he received this last note, he told me right away and said he was really trying to have green days.  

so far so good.  he's been very proud of himself for every day he is all green and can see the benefits of being well-behaved.  he gets treats, he gets to go into this "special room" and he gets to play games on the iPad!  

at his Parent/Teacher interview, she said a lot of his naughty behaviour is normal and that he was improving.  some of the initial attention-span stuff was because he was obviously bored with some of the things being taught that he has known for a while.  he would stop paying attention and start distracting others from learning.  he knows everything he is supposed to know by the end of Kindergarten already so it is really his behaviour that needs work and i am crossing my fingers that he has settled in and the notes will remain less frequent.  i have to say, i do appreciate having the teacher take the time to write these and make me aware of what is going on.  he needs to be encouraged from home as well as at school to make changes.  

i don't know if i have mentioned this but he really likes Math.  he enjoys the Math Station at free time and a few times a month, he asks us if he can do Math at home.  it's a huge relief for me considering i was bad at math no matter how much i tried.  still needs to practice the direction of his numbers, but he's on the right track.  love how he insisted on writing his own equations because "wouldn't it be a good idea to do 1+2, 3+4, 5+6, 7+8 etc…"

also.  there were class photos… which i completely forgot about.
these are so hilarious.  i also completely forgot to buy them.  oh well.

so in a nutshell, school is on an upswing for Moses.  he likes his teacher, he is making new friends…. ONE of which keeps calling him "husband" and reminds me of Chloe Grace Moretz.  he is the official compost dumper.  he is enjoying the activities and has a lot to say about his days.  he is great in the mornings, making his own cereal or toast and helping out with his snack/lunches.  i'm certainly enjoying how easy it is right now because i am aware that these things can change at anytime...

chloe drew this yesterday.  i totally thought Moses had drawn it.  they were discussing how noses were really hard to draw.  i agreed!  when i was young, i just couldn't figure out how to draw noses without making the person look like a pig.  i was puttering around while i told them to try doing a tiny tiny smile for a nose.  i was so surprised when chloe told me she had drawn this self-portrait.  i love how she draws girls with massive rainbow hair.  so many of her drawings are still giant messy scribbles, with only a handful of people.  

Pre-school continues to be enjoyable for her.  her class is 90% girls.  she has two girls from last year that she is comfortable with while she is still slowly getting to know the others.  as a girl, i understand how the dynamics of girl friends starts this young.  already, they have their own little groups that they feel comfortable with.  sure, they are interested in the girls they don't know, but it's unchartered territory and she has already felt the brunt of being excluded.  this is one of the things that was brought up in her Parent/Teacher interview.  i am in love with her teacher.  so supportive and loving, always.  she told me how she was encouraging chloe to feel confident in herself and that it is ok if she is on her own.  i really really loved that.  chloe had come home telling me her two usual friends were doing the whole "let's run away from chloe and not play with her" thing.  i didn't know what to say, how to respond.  she was feeling hurt and all i could say was that it wasn't nice of them to do that and maybe she could ask them to stop because it was hurting her feelings.  it never occurred to me to encourage her to say "it's not ok if they don't play with me, i'm perfectly fine on my own".  

she is still a royal pain in the mornings in terms of getting dressed.  i'm still trying to get her to choose her clothes the night before, but she always changes her mind the next morning.  the chilly weather has settled in, with a light frost on the fields and pavement in the morning.  she has discovered more than a handful of times how very unpleasant it is during these cold mornings and is starting to believe me when i tell her IT IS FREEZING OUTSIDE YOU NEED TO WEAR PANTS!!!!!  i am just grateful that i am not the only mom that is having these daily arguments with her skirt/dress and stockings daughter.

i know that Kindergarten has just started for Moses, but i can't believe Chloe will be starting next September.  this next year is going to be sooooo crazy!!!!!  i can't believe we will be meeting this Little One so soon and that our lives are going to change all over again.  i'm powering through as much work as i can, tying up loose ends… i'm so exhausted but i need all this work to be DONE.  

i got the kids in bed with me to choose their favourite Advent calendar.  the verdict is the little town!

Click HERE to check out the original link and free printable!

we also went through a bunch of fun holiday/christmas craft ideas and they picked their favourites so i am going to have some fun planning out these crafts and treats and special activities while my computer is busy transferring files…. YAY!  a little fun time for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  


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