Time Out Day

today was a time out.  i've been so nervous about not having time to spend with the kids before baby arrives…  i have a pile of work still to get through and i have been doing my best to try to get through as much as possible in between the daily cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, chauffeuring, and bed timing, but i can't shake the feeling that the baby might just come before that works is finished and i know i will regret not spending time with M&C.  (if i owe you work, trust me i am totally doing my best, i have been staying up later than i should to get it done!!!!  and i have to say, i really appreciate the patience and understanding over the last 9 months from everyone!)

moses has caught a cold.  he's still in wonderful spirits, thankfully, but i chose to keep him home today. he has been so great at school i figured he deserved a day off…  we ALL deserved a day off from our usual weekly morning circus!  weekends are not much better these days either with dance and soccer on saturdays.  chloe didn't have school so that made it easy.  we all slept in as long as we needed, which was surprisingly not much at all.

breakfast was not rushed.  nobody was in a panic.  i wasn't yelling out over and over and over:


i quietly enjoyed the free pace of making myself breakfast AND enjoying a hot cup of tea while the kids played in their pyjamas.  jesus it has been a while!  i'm glad i really soaked in the free days of summer, knowing those carefree days of a life with no schedule were our last!

ugh.  i don't know why blogger randomly makes my photos look off colour.
it's bothering me so much right now but i can't figure out why and i just can't care right now...

they played nicely all morning while i did a couple hours of work
we had lunch, got dressed, took these photos and started on our Advent Calendar

we did just under half before heading outside for some bike riding

muffin face

sigh.  it's so hard to believe how big this guy is now.

in this last week, their bodies and minds finally clicked and began pushing their pedal-less bikes with ease and comfort to the point where they could cruise for a handful of seconds with their feet up.  

Moses actually also attempted his bigger bike with pedals (no training) and managed to pedal a few feet after having learned to balance on his small McQueen bike here!  he's on his way!

i got pregnant here with chloe.  i survived my pregnancy, my labour and the first 4 years as a mother of 2 little ones here…  she is still a baby to me.  i keep wondering if i will still feel that way when Number 3 arrives…

we warmed up inside and watched a movie together before i started dinner...

back to my bed for stories

my heart is big
i'm so glad i made time for US time today.

we have 9 days left here…
i'm totally going to cry when we leave


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