holy moly.  this week has been a whirlwind of craziness.

as usual i left it to the very last second to decide whether or not to go ahead with Holiday Sessions.  i wasn't sure if i would be able to handle them but they are already half over with 3 more tomorrow morning and our last session Monday evening!  i'm doing well.  everyone has been so sweet and understanding and i have had lots of help. 


as of yesterday, we no longer have to worry about more showings or open houses!  that being said, the fire is no directly under our bums to get the new place in order.  there is still lots to do and i think we might end up living in renos for a bit but we will get there one way or another.  I AM SO RELIEVED!

it couldn't have come at a better time as i am seriously getting slower and physically unable to exert as much energy as i have been pushing myself to do the last few weeks.  my belly is starting to look really strained with veins arising to the surface and my belly button completely popped.  

34 weeks

November is going to fly.  this week is going to fly as i push through these Holiday sessions and get everything edited and ordered.

a few test shots with the kids

so far, sessions have been super awesome!

this upcoming weekend is empty, but i know it's going to fill up any second.  we have two parties the following weekend and then it's time to move out the last weekend!  how are we going to do this?!!!  we haven't demolished the washroom and we are unsure if we can even go forward with it at this point as we found 3" of water in our crawl space a couple of days ago.  kevin's been digging down to find the sump instead of the scheduled demolishing of the washroom and more painting.  carpets last carpets last, stop freaking out about the carpets.

if anyone (knows anyone who) can sacrifice a few hours to help out at the house in the next two weeks, please please get a hold of me! a couple of hours here and there will make a big difference!

we need to hire a company to get the house rid of all the smells, particularly for chloe who already has breathing issues and obviously for me and baby.  well, for everyone, but you know what i mean.  we need to get rid of the smell, but there is no point doing it until everything is done…  thankfully, we were given a great referral by our old upstairs neighbours who just moved back to Tsawwassen the other week.  


i'm eager to get all my work done because i really want to nest for a little bit, to do a few things for baby and spend some extra time with the kids.  i have had them sit with me to check out Pinterest a handful of times and they have hilariously gotten so into it (not surprised….).  every year i want to do an Advent calendar so i'd like to have them weigh in on a few of the creative ideas I've pinned and get one started for December.  i would also like to make ONE thing for this baby, and i'm leaning towards a mobile.

i was thinking an acrobatic animal (maybe a tiger?  a bunny?)
hanging upside down like these two dolls shown above
and maybe a circle set higher with colourful things hanging that reach the waistline of the aforementioned acrobatic animal

holy holy crap i am going to have a baby soon


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