Advent Calendar 3 + 4

so far so good on the Advent Calendar front!

i gotta give myself a pat on the back for setting the time aside to do these projects because time is very much a luxury i do not really have right now.

all my sluggish tiredness, anxiety and panic are constantly being uplifted by all the kindness that has already filtered its way into our new home.  in these first few days, i've already had 3 other mamas over!  Molly and Emily visited and helped me to push/carry a bunch of items i would normally be able to do on my own.  Jenice also dropped by to return my Ergo carrier and brought with her a variety of chai teas from David's Tea.  Julie left me a big bag at the preschool with the Grass bottle dryer i was planning on buying along with a bunch of trail bottles.

i am benefitting from the Advent calendar.  having scheduled days for fun crafts or activities allows me to actually sit my ass down and spend time with my kids.  well, so far only Moses, since chloe has been a real pain in the butt this week.  that being said, she and i did have a lovely time together on our first walk into town from the new place.  it was sunny and freezing and beautiful.

and just like that, i'm 38 weeks today.
i've decided that these last weekly doctor's appointments warrant visits to that beastly Beaucoup Bakery.  lucky for chloe, she has no school on Thursdays so she also benefits.

Advent Calendar Day 3
Origami Christmas Tree!


Advent Calendar Day 4

Tropical Scone for me
Scone packed with pineapple, mango, white chocolate and macadamias
(seriously the death of me)

Salted Chocolate Rosemary Cookies for the kids
(THESE ARE SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


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