Advent Calendar Day 1 & 2

slowly but surely tiny pockets of progress are being made from room to room in between the usual hustle and bustle of life.  our realtor picked up the keys for the new owners this morning and "the guy" referred to us to do our perimeter drain came and took a look at our giant frozen moat/ditch.  

our furnace kicked the can on friday/saturday which freaked us out and put us into high gear to push through an order for a new one.  thankfully, we managed to get it put in yesterday though of course the old one went back on saturday afternoon… whatever, not worth waiting a week or a month or 2 days for it to die.  it was on its last legs anyhow.

the mornings have been good.  chloe still makes me want to tear my hair out and moses has been super sleepy with aching limbs, but it's great not having to pack us into the car.  

i'm trying really hard to keep myself committed to this whole Advent calendar thing.  today was Strawberry + Banana candy cane treat.  strawberries were looking sketchy so i went with raspberries.  

Advent Calendar - Day 2
Banana + Raspberry Candy Cane Treat

we didn't get a chance to actually "set up" the little Advent Calendar town yesterday which was the activity for Day 1 so we did that this evening while waiting for kevin to come home for dinner.

one thing at a time…  i've been getting kevin to do 1-2 things each evening before he locks himself in the washroom to finish the renos.  last night, he set up our ceiling light and table in the dining room so we had somewhere to actually eat and then piled all the randomly scattered drywall in one place with our toys + records shelf in front to protect it from getting damaged from children.  it is on this shelf i decided we should set up the Advent Calendar… at least for the time being!

Moses collected all the buildings and started setting them up on the "snow" blanket

my first night COOKING in the new house!

went vegetarian after yesterday's super meaty frozen pasta sauce
(i can not express how thankful i was that i had frozen leftovers for dinner…)
Simmered onions, red peppers, tomatoes and black beans with cumin and paprika

i don't know if we were all just starving but it was record timing as we each inhaled 3-4!

it's already hump day and there is still so much to do before chloe's party saturday

i don't think i'm going to have any time to do any baby things
*sad face*



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