Chloe's Frozen Party

I did it.  It's over.
I can officially cross off Chloe's Frozen Party and loosen the laces on this corset of insanity that has been the last couple of weeks.  

Whenever I finally get a moment of peace, I am flooded with feelings of gratitude for all the love and generosity that people have been offering during this crazy time.  

A huge thanks again to Lindsay for your selflessness, for giving up a free day you could surely have spent doing absolutely NOTHING to come all the way out to the boonies to help me decorate, move things around and get your hands dirty for today's party.  I've got quite the debt to pay back but ask, Lady, and it shall be done!

ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!  why does blogger keep ruining my photos!!!!!!!

i'm a genius for setting the party time from 2-4pm because certainly needed all morning/afternoon/and then some to get myself together.  punched out a button trio for thank you's, original artwork by illustrator Joey Chou

so stoked that Lindsay brought some good ideas because i was in rough shape when she came over.  she hung all the streamers, made the ombre snowflake wall and hung snowflake decorations from the lamp.

$1.50 for a pack of 10 at the Dollar Store.  mega score.

i learned how to make snowflakes… after 3 hours and an aching wrist!  the benefit of having creative in-laws is that they will have cool things like snowflake punchers for table confetti and speaking of the table, i let out a loud HELLL YEAHHHHH  when i found this tablecloth in my stock pile of IKEA/thrift shop blankets.  SO PERFECT.

the girls arrived one by one.  like my Holiday Sessions, i wasn't really 100% on whether i would be throwing a party for chloe so i kept it super tight and super last minute.  her bff Eve, her cousin Andeigh and a select 5 girls from her class.  i felt bad not inviting all the girls from her class, and worse not inviting all my usual close friends and their kids, but it was crucial that this party was as low-key as possible.  i didn't get a chance to take photos of the set up for the "Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?" craft table because they all came at once and i was on my own shelling out tape to 8 demanding little girls!

they were stoked on the craft and did an awesome job

my heart was melting.  this is what i remember from my birthday parties: gathering around with all my friends, all yelling to open their present first.  

Frozen, Frozen Frozen...


the girls were all laughing at kevin as he tried to covertly light the candles on the cake

everyone was mesmerized

yet another masterpiece by my good friend Lyndsay Sung from Coco Cake Land

as per Chloe's request, Lyndsay made a lemon cake with buttercream topped with homemade meringue  kisses!  OMG these tiny pastel drops tasted like sweet heaven, marshmallowy-sweet and airy with the lightest crunch!  i could easily eat an entire bag of those… 

oh yeah!  i bought her this Elsa-inspired dress from Over the Loom
very cute dresses for girls, including both super girly princessy styles to fun + edgy looks

she is in LOVE with this dress.
never have i heard so many many thank your and professions of love from this little face.  

nom nom nom

it was a whirlwind trying to keep these girls contained in the living/dining room space as our house is still in progress.  once the girls were done cake, they all gathered around the TV to recite Frozen in unison... and i sat my ass down.

i gotta say, as crazy as it was hosting a party within less than a week of moving in, it felt SO good to have these little ladies here.  it made our house feel just that little bit more like our home.  there will be more parties to come, more love and more people to fill it with memories.  in spite of the never-ending issues that keep popping up and setting us back, i'm looking forward to the gradual progression of its facelift.  


i'm not ready to have this baby.  i'm too scared and too busy...


  1. holy SHITE phanie you effing maniac/incredible incredible woman ... to do all of this with a practically-baby-bursting-out-of-your-vagina is so commendable!! the best part of all is that chloe had the sweetest time ever - SO CUTE! loved the party pics, and was so so happy to make chloe her dream princessy cute cake!!!! loved it all. you are something else, woman!!! also - when this babe comes, your entire village will come to you and help. i just know it. and i've got a big old bag of meringue kisses to make for one special mama!!! XOXO


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