Christmas is Coming: Advent Calendar, Christmas Concerts and Decorating the Tree

Advent Calendar 
Day 8 + 9

snowman paper chain

festive candy cane socks from the Dollar Store for Chloe
Gingerbread Man for Moses

we made this cute little paper chain with these tiny snowman sticker backs that i have had for the last couple of years.  the kids found the package in my craft drawers and have asked me for months if they could play with them.  FINALLY, we put them to use!

he broke in my backpack but Moses was unphased

Moses had his Christmas Concert 

i love how he is tall enough to be in the back row 
whereas i had spent my ENTIRE life in the front row

Advent Calendar 
Day 10 + 11

Nutcracker Ornaments and Candy Cane Scavenger Hunt

they've been curious about nutcrackers.  i found little ornaments for $1.50 at Michaels
they had fun searching the house for the 10 candy canes i had hidden.  i totally thought chloe was going to suck at finding them since she sucks at finding things generally, but throughout the day i heard her get excited as she spotted them around the house.

Miss Chloe had her concert Friday
She was stoked all week to wear her special Sugar Plum dress from my sister

she was a lot more confident and prepared this year compare to last year...
(last year's photos here)

i was having a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions leading up to the concert, during and following…
i was admittedly a little disappointed they did not develop into labour

god i look awful

this last photo here reminds me of when i bust out in the kitchen to Madonna's Like a Prayer…

the weekend was crazy busy with more renos.  the Advent Calendar plan was to decorate the tree on Saturday and put lights up outside on Sunday.  neither of those happened.  the tree went up with lights on Sunday night and we didn't get around to decorate until Monday.  the kids were super stoked to find familiar decorations including ones they had made themselves at school!

they did a pretty good job hanging decorations without any assistance
to be honest, i actually really love how they haphazardly stuffed and layered everything

my mom also bought them their own little trees to decorate

i really hate these LED lights but $2 vs $90 a month 
for 6 hours a day is a huge discrepancy

i love christmas

i love having my own little brood to establish new traditions year after year.  i love how these decorations are going to be around for decades and how they will build their own holiday nostalgia that they can then also pass down to their kids…

life is good.  we are blessed.


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