Drive-By Christmas

what a whirlwind of chaos.

ok maybe that is an exaggeration…  everything and everyone is wonderful so just a whirlwind of emotions is probably more accurate.

my sister arrived on the 20th, chloe's birthday.
baby did not give any signs of making his/her way out.
the 23rd arrived, my sister joined me on the drive out to Vancouver to my Dr Appt while her husband helped kevin to charge through 6 hours of tiling around the washroom tub.

i had the option of breaking my waters though it was at midnight.
i did not have the energy and i certainly did not want a christmas eve baby.

christmas eve afternoon i spent in the kitchen, prepping dishes for Christmas at my mom's later that night with her side of the family as well as my Auntie Ping and Gong Gong from my dad's side.  kevin's dad came over to help kevin power through another 6 hours of tiling.  they completed the tiling save the very top row which required renting a special tile cutter.

christmas eve was lovely and low drama for once.  the food was fantastic.  the usual mix of asian and north american spread across my mom's counter and stove: cous cous salad, two brussel sprout recipes, a massive tray of crab, pulled pork, turkey, mashed potatoes, yams, pancit, rice, etc… followed by cakes, pies, tins of cookies and filipino desserts.


more photos of christmas in another post… (fingers crossed)

baby did not come and my sister and husband would be leaving christmas morning.
they would not be meeting baby.

christmas morning arrived.
it was our first day of relaxing in months.
kevin had let a little too loose at my mom's with all the other boys.  he woke up pretty rough with a hangover on top of two days of tiling, on top of recovering from slamming his head at work while carrying a transmission, on top of fighting whatever crazy cough-flu-fever that moses has had over the last two weeks…

i actually managed to finish the stockings!
thanks again KLF for helping us out with these…

...and for rearranging our decorations


he and i crashed on the couch the entire day while the kids opened all their gifts, went out for the usual afternoon walk to the park and played with a few of their new toys/games.  we enjoyed another lovely dinner followed by more desserts.

my doctor called Boxing Day morning.  as i was officially 41 weeks, i was called into Women's to get a  fetal monitoring check up, just to make sure baby was still thriving.  everything went well.  fluid was great, baby was moving well and in position.

my little darling arrived at 6:19pm that evening.
(will post a separate birthday story…)

lindsay came asap to photograph and as it happened, to also be my midwife throughout my labour.  my amazing mom took the kids for two nights while kev and i recovered with our new Little Boy.
so far he is thriving and the kids are in love with him.  we just barely survived our first night last night.  the first night we stayed up til 2:30am.  the following night, until almost 4am and last night was more like 6am so i am pretty damn beat to shit as my body attempts to both recover and bring in my milk supply.

renos are happening as we speak.  the house is a disaster.  i'm trying not to freak out because i should be relaxing and having a crying fit of emotions isn't going to help ANYONE.  i want to clean but i can't because my neck, back and shoulders are aching like hell and well to be honest, after finally sleeping from 6am-9am, it took me until about 2:30pm to get him down for a nap.  he woke up after about an hour and i put him down again.  i should be napping with him, but when am i going to take note of all the first days of craziness if not now???

i'm also freaking out because i have been so exhausted, i haven't picked up the camera as much as i would have liked.  i missed so many beautiful moments this morning that made me cringe and want to scream after being away from the kids for two days.  i would have loved for kevin to take some of the kids jumping into bed with me and smothering the baby but he was already layered in drywall dust.  i desperately tried to store them in my memory as i laughed at the hilarity of the crazy comments they made and tried not to cry knowing my brain has zero capacity at this time.  the kids both learned to put their knuckle in Baby's mouth when he is crying to soothe him and they laughed like crazy at the tickling sensation of their tiny brother's gums.


of course, the photographer in me is having a panic of when to try to snap the newborns ones of this little guy, plus some of the three kids together.  going to try to set up tripod tonight so that tomorrow morning we can shoot some group family candids in bed.  the room was lit up this morning with sunshine and the forecast calls for the same tomorrow morning.

anyway.  of course as i draw to a close, his tiny cries beckon me from my bedroom.  at least he actually fell asleep in there for the first time.  let's hope tonight's marathon is a little less taxing.

thankful to be going to kevin's grandparents' for dinner this evening.

that's all for now
thank you to everyone for their kind words, support and love
please forgive me if i am sloppy about responding or remembering anything!



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