Evening with the Girls

December 1st 2014
my first official post from the new home!

it's been a hell of a crazy last couple of days moving over this weekend, i can't believe it's actually over now.  took a tiny hiatus on saturday evening to celebrate Miss Gooch's birthday in Gastown for dinner at Blacktail Florist.  cleaned myself up after a full day of moving and picked up Carlyn on the way out.  the other girls were already all in Vancouver and yet, we were shockingly the first ones to arrive.  

i can't wait to have a real drink again...

birthday blow


i'm really upset at myself for blocking this really sexy photo of my foodie buddy, Khara

we shared
The Duck + Waffles, The Bison Tartare, Butternut Squash Soup, Goat Cheesecake
and Flourless Chocolate Cake

in love with Carlyn's Drew Barrymore-circa-1996-lipstick

love these girls

yay!  photo with the birthday girl!

so stoked to have what was probably my last night out before this baby arrives
(thanks to em for taking half the photos while i shovelled my face with food!)

i will never get over how pretty Gastown is at night

took one last shower at the old place before heading to the new place to sleep

sigh.  my little family.

admittedly i was upset that kevin brought our bed over as i did want to have one last sleep at our old place together.  it was very strange coming to our old place, empty…  then to navigate through the chaos of our new place with everything stacked in boxes and try to fit myself in between the two kids.  i didn't sleep very well…  i felt strange and of course pregnantly uncomfortable as usual.

life feels so surreal right now



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