Happy Birthday Chloe

my due date passed and then it was Chloe's birthday.  
i don't know how it's been 4 years…  where did those years go?  who was i then and who am i now?
i look at her, i look at moses, and i look at my belly and wonder who this next one is going to be.  how will she/he bring me joy and how will he/she bring me to tears of insanity?  i'm excited and terrified…

we didn't do any huge celebration as having her Frozen party was enough.  we all slept in and had French Toast and a new smoothie for breakfast.

the sun was in and out behind clouds, giving us small pockets of beautiful warm light

1 cup fresh raw cranberries
1 cup freshly squeezed orange juice
1 cup canned organic coconut milk
1 frozen banana
2 Medjool dates (or other sweetener of your choice)
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
pinch of pink himalayan sea salt
additional ice, if necessary
shredded coconut for topping, optional

i love this man more and more everyday
so selfless and giving, just like his dad, always putting his family first

burst of sunshine!

she's getting better at cutting.  joyfully eating off her new Frozen tableware


present time!

the kids at school get to have a birthday hat.  they missed her birthday last year, i was so thrilled to find out they had made one for her on the last day of classes.  she got a balloon and a tiny gift along with her latest christmas craft decorations.  i wonder if she is going to dress this crazy forever...

thanks KLF for this photo!!!!!!!!  

one of my absolute favourite things about Forever 21 is how they often have super tiny and super cute and super cheap little gifts at the cashier.  just when you think you've completed your shopping, they hook you with a $3 necklace!

momo is such a good sport.  he's been waking up every morning and counting how many days left til Chloe's birthday and til Christmas.  i love that he shares in her joy instead of being pouty that it isn't his birthday and he isn't getting gifts.  he's such a sweetheart.

next gift...

$5 dollar store

followed by the most WOMP WOMP face ever
these stupid shoes cost me $25.  i didn't want to buy them but she saw them and tried them on at Old Navy and BEGGED me for them.  i had to sneak them to the cash register over a month ago and try to remember that i even bought them for her.  this was her face upon unwrapping them.

"i like them… a little bit…  but i wanted pink and purple shoes, these ones hurt my feet!"

chloe you are a terd

i had to set up for a mini shoot that afternoon so i set up and tested in the house for the first time.  just a few cute photos of them together.  notice how moses has gone through 3 outfits in the span of 2 hours hahaha.  chloe, surprisingly, has only gone through 2.

total munchkins.

also, i just realized that i forgot about the couple of birthday gifts that people had dropped off early, in anticipation of this baby's arrival.  i hid them and just came across them again so she'll be stoked to open a few more come tomorrow.

it was a long day.  maybe it was just the disappointment of being overdue.  maybe it was the rain coming down hard and sideways?  moses had a birthday party from 4-6:45pm followed by Lindsay + Neil's Annual Christmas Shindig.  

exhausted, i still managed to get dolled up for le soiree
i love this little beaner

party was good times as usual though my mouth was salivating for a good stiff drink.  just seeing the stacks of beer pong cups along the counter made my eyes roll into the back of my head.  i ate many festive feelings to make up for it.  Neil was SO sweet!  he made a special crème brulée just for chloe as she has been looking forward to his annual tradition of torching and passing around homemade crème brulées during the party.  he misplaced his torch and had to wing it in the oven.  it was Bourbon.  it was so damn delicious.  there is a photo.  you will have to wait…

we stayed til about 10:30pm and then drove to my mom's so the kids could sleep over with my sister who also just arrived with gifts for the birthday girl.  we had to talk to her about Frozen and the gifts to keep her from passing out in the backseat.

yes, it was a long day following a long week… 

what does this week have in store for us…


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