Hurricane Jane

i am 2cm dilated.
doctor said baby isn't quite in the same "ready" position that chloe was in at this point.
i feel like i have been having contractions.  the last two nights i have woken up in the middle of the night with back and stomach pains that last for about 30 minutes or so.  

today i had some major aches in my back that felt sort of like back labour but they dissipated once i finally sat down…

i was busy decorating for Chloe's party tomorrow… with LINDSAY!   there were a few instances of frustration today, but they were matched and surpassed by more kindness today.  after having helped us pack early last week, Linds was back to help decorate.  i picked her up in Van after dropping the kids off at school and we did a pretty damn good job.  she also helped to move/lift heavy furniture and helped to clear our the gigantic pile of boxes in the kitchen that had since been emptied of moved items.

picked up our new kitchen faucet from Point Roberts as the current one is wrapped up in about 10 rags to soak up all the leaking…  Linds hung out with Chloe. 

she also bought Bebe a sweet little Moose stuffie!!!!  i have added it to the baby pile, along with the adorable little raincloud that i received from Rob Andrea + Baby Elliott yesterday morning outside of Beaucoup bakery.

we also received another surprise gift outside our place this afternoon from Neighbour Cait's Mama!  a generous pile of French books for the kids as well as a Birthday Gift for Chloe!!!

there is a lot of love going around and for that i am so thankful.

i'm still trying to finish a few projects.  sigh.

and i just took on another photo gig for sunday…
with a tonne of bills adding up and Christmas around the corner, i feel like i cannot say no.

i'm so tired.

ok gotta do some last minute shit for the party tomorrow before sleeping.

photos to come...


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