So much love...

a few shout outs to people who went out of their way this past week

i certainly did not expect to surpass my due date…  perhaps that was naive of me?  i truly figured that being as active as i have been and it being my third child that it would be early or at least on time.  renos are still on the go and i would like to think that i have been pretty damn well-behaved considering  i'm going on week 3 of taking the kids to shower at my in-laws.  YES i am grateful we do have somewhere close and clean to shower, but it's been a great fear that i would have the baby and have to drag all of us over.  perhaps the baby is waiting until our washroom is ready?  perhaps, if i am lucky, this baby is smaller than the others and won't be huge when the time comes to give birth even after baking for extra long?  i just don't think my 12 year old boy hips are capable of naturally birthing a 9+ pound baby!   if moses was 7lb10oz and chloe was 8lb6oz i'm honestly on my way to a 9 pounder!

i've been doing my best to channel positive energy through this pretty intense time.  i'm thankful that this is my third baby and that i have the foresight to know that no matter what, everything will be perfectly fine.  we have our health and we have a home.  that is all we need.  however, i am still pregnant, and therefor the hormones are still very much alive and thriving within, trying to pull me into its void of crazy over-emotional nesting and angst-ridden panic.  

thank you to everyone who has reached out whether through the internet or phone calls or texts.  for the most part, people have been kind and respectful and understanding.  i am grateful for that.

thanks Lyndsay from Coco Cake for making me a special little bag of these meringues
to chow down on in my times of desperation and ugly-face crying

my father in law received a large batch of mismatched shoes at work and brought this amazing pair of Sperry Tops home thinking i might like them.  I FREAKING LOVE THESE!!!!!!!  i haven't had a new pair of shoes in a million years, so this was a really lovely surprise.  double amazing that he picked these out and figured i was about a size 6.  stoked.

later that evening, Norma, Neighbour Cait's mama did another drive-by with a vintage book of Christmas Carol piano songs as well as the Orange Cranberry Loaf i had posted on Facebook the previous week.

it was gone in 2 days…

my bestie KLF flew in for a few days and stayed for dinner and overnight.  

i couldn't have had a more ideal person arrive at this time as it was "make christmas stockings" with the kids on the Advent Calendar.  of course, in typical KLF fashion, she made templates, measured everything perfectly and patiently guided the kids through the process.

Moses fought his self-doubt and frustration, managing to cut out the letters of his name!

chloe cut a sheet of pink felt into a zillion pieces which i threw out later 

the one in the back is for baby!
i better get on sewing these guys before Christmas...

the kids went to bed and the slaving began.  
KLF helped me to paint the front hallway closets until 2am

UGH.  the walls were so damn gnarly from the 20 years of smoke.  
this was about 3 square feet of wall surface using TSP.  i had to change the water many many times. 

 the kids had their last day of school.  KLF took off to do errands just as the Schmidt ladies arrived with their own brood of babies to bring some lunch, baby gear and a present for Chloe's birthday.

amazing soup, salad and sammies from Chef Claire's.   i am hooked.

i think i can honestly say that this will be the most memorable pregnancy, and not for all the craziness of moving and renovations, but for the flood of generosity and kindness that people have shown me and the fam.  maybe it's the hormones making me super emo, but people have really been so kind going out of their way to offer relief from this overwhelming load.  a million embraces to all of you for your selflessness and thoughtfulness whether through words or treats or physical help around our dishevelled home.  it's a busy time and to squeeze me and the kids into your busy schedules for goodness sake is just so heartwarming.  i hope that when the dust settles, i can return the love to your and your family.  



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