This Magic Moment...

these two and a half weeks have been the blurriest of blurs… 
so much change and adjustment.  so much adrenaline to get last minute projects/work pushed and finalized.  so much daily anxiety trying to get a little bit of each room a little more organized.  so much stress over getting renos done and finding the money to pay them off.  so much busy-ness followed by late nights of uncertainty as to when this baby will arrive.  so many days of false alarm contractions followed by a confused pool of relief, disappointment and frustration.  so many to do lists, so many of them lost, so many of them incomplete and taking time away from these two little beings...  

there are no words to describe how happy i am for having photos taken with Moses and Chloe.  it was a last minute request from another Mama Photographer, a very talented and amazing soul named Kendra from Love Tree Photography.  i truly almost said EFF IT a bunch of times, but her calm cool and easy energy really put me at ease.  i was so caught up on doing it in my bedroom on a sunny day but i only had 5 days left before my due date and none of them called for sun.  i was panicking.  

maybe it's not worth it…  how will i get the house clean, i have no energy right now…  i look and feel like shit, do i want photos of that?…  moses will have to miss school and he already missed Trhusday and Friday when he was barfing everywhere…  where will we take the photos, i don't want to make it a shitshow for her to figure out, that isn't her job, i don't want to waste her time…  maybe i can just set up the tripod and studio light and take them myself…  and on and on

she made it happen.  she drove 70 minutes to our transitioning house and captured me and the kids together in our last days as a team.  

to think, this belly will be replaced in photographs by an actual human face…
that will grow and change and be loved by two older beasties

i love this shot except for how demonically strange my belly looks
but it's the real deal!  

love the composition of this one
it captures so many of my mornings with the two of them fighting for my attention

this is probably my favourite one of the bunch
it's perfect.  i love the composition, the contrast, the texture, EVERYTHING
look at this guy's extreme head of MANE, he is a frigging Lion King!
(…well, excepting how little and bony he is…)

this one is getting framed for sure

story of my life it seems is snuggling this crazy crazy insane middle child-to-be
she is the biggest headache/pain in the ass and my greatest worry but she has a heart of gold and makes me laugh like nobody else… someone is going to be very lucky/doomed to fall in love with her one day…

i can't believe this is only a sneak of what Kendra was able to capture.  i can't believe how close i was to chickening out and saying "Nevermind!".  i think deep in my heart i knew it just was not possible for me to set up anything that would come remotely close to capturing the things i wanted.  i love Kendra's work because she truly captures the emotion and relationship between people which is what i try to do with my work.  her work is beyond skin deep, she brings out the beauty in people by capturing who they are as people and who they are together.  she anticipates moments and captures the height/intensity of the moment's feeling/emotion.  i couldn't be happier with these and the few others that i had the chance to see.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love meeting amazing people over the internet.  
makes me feel like maybe it isn't the worst place/thing in the world!  


  1. so so sweet, phanie! i love the pictures so much ... truly special kendra snapped these beauties for you ... i can't believe there will be another little baby face to love so soon!!! sending you lotso love! xo


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