Week 2 - Part 1

i'm 39 weeks tomorrow

the house is still being sorted and organized.

i am in love with how much sun we get when it's not raining sideways

i'm looking forward to summer when we will get more sunny days and we can sit out on the front or back steps and enjoy the breeze flowing through the house.  when we bought the house, we never had the chance to see it with this light and i figured all the trees in the back would block a lot of the sun from coming in.  this kind of light reminds me so much of the warmth from my parents' home.  i could find a handful of places to curl up like a cat in a window of sun and just soak it up.

after a week of laundry building up, it was decided that we should definitely set up our new washer and dryer that arrived back in October.  showering at my in-laws everyday is enough for both parties, the last thing i wanted to do is inconvenience everyone with loads of laundry.  thankfully our set was stackable.  the previous washer was top loading and located right beside the hot water tank.  our new washer's door would barely open (something we did not consider!!!)  so it was a godsend to find out we had stackables.  

loving the new machines.  will have to wait another month or so before setting time aside to paint the walls and put down some decent flooring.  moses was enjoying the laundry show.

so.  this second week has also included having our perimeter drains redone.  it's a massive undertaking but certainly imperative.  i wasn't expecting that the front porch would have to be ripped out, but the boards were crammed SO tightly together, not allowing water to evaporate and as a result creating a garden of lovely white mold that it was actually a good thing that the drain guys needed us to take it apart!

the front is completed, the ground packed down, the stairs levelled and we have an extra bunch of gravel that we will probably use to fill in the exposed ground for the time being...

the kids have been enjoying watching the digger and bobcat tracking around our yard


this was taken before the torrential downpour of this week.  they will be back in January when we get a few more dryer days to come back and clean up the yard.  thank goodness we are getting this done in the winter while i'm having a baby and don't give two shits about the yard!

and the washroom!  kevin has stayed been putting up the walls the last 3 days from 11pm-1am.  

the back walls are up and last night the ceiling above the tub was fit and screwed in… after shovelling his dinner at 6pm, going to Moses' christmas concert until 7:30pm, driving out to Costco and Home Depot in Richmond and then researching the process of installation.  he is doing a phenomenal job. 

 if anyone is interested in painting.  i would love to have help painting the dining room and ensuite bathroom this weekend.  please and thank you.


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