Week 2 - Part 2: Make a House a Home

i can't believe it's only been two weeks… it feels much longer already
absolutely love the sunny days when we get to bask in the afternoon sunshine in the dining and living room

our ghetto bedroom also gets some beautiful light on the sunnier days
yes, that weird basket on the right is the baby's Moses basket hahaha, oh poor third baby…
at least this last little one will get a complete buttload of beautiful photos

the kids have been super creative lately, entertaining themselves
they spent a good while making these hilarious masks in their room

Acorn installed our gas insert for the fireplace!!!!!
i can't describe how warm and cozy it is to have this baby up and running

yes yes, the bricks, the bricks…
all in good time.

on one of our shower trips to my in-laws, i found kevin's Beatles' piano book and played a half dozen songs for the first time on the piano as soon as the fireplace guys vacated the premise.  SO HAPPY.

this guy will have zero problem learning to play piano if he is interested.  he is all about pattern, repetition and has fantastic hand-eye coordination

over the weekend, i painted the ensuite washroom.  the walls were just too horrific for me to bear.  once that was done, i continued over in the dining room area.  this space was used to store all the reno materials and tools which is why it did not get painted with the rest of the main area.  there are a few patches that need some mudding, but it's already looking better.

cut in and did one coat on the ceiling...

one base coat on all the walls except the one on the right where we are still working on smoothing out the large crack

over the weekend the washroom walls were all put up

thanks to our friend James (handy husband of Erin of OLFCO) for dropping by and advising kevin on a few areas!

now it's onto the mudding and hopefully tackling the flooring by this coming weekend

this guy is such a trooper.  

i'm thankful for my extensive mobility at this point in my pregnancy.  with moses and chloe, i was completely incapable of so much physical movement, but i'm glad this time around i am able to still help the family run.  i have been pushing out meals with little difficulty which is surprising.  i'm doing my very best to maintain while still unpacking and organizing.  every time one space gets done, another one falls apart!!!  i'm excited.  this is such a very very exciting time despite all the craziness and all the work and the impending deadline of Baby AND Christmas!


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