Week One

it's hard to believe it's been almost a week we have been here

a few last snaps from last sunday moving out


monday morning
the kids first sleep in their room
Neighbourhood arrives to install a new furnace since the current one kicked the can on Friday when the weather dropped to freezing and gave us the first snow of the season

so much to unload
so much to remember
so much to organize

had the office set up and ready for work monday morning
telus came and had me up and running within a couple of hours

the light in our bedroom is so lovely… when it is sunny

living room half set up
kevin removing the previous curtains from the 70's

we have somewhere to eat

we had Kirby from Neighbourhood come back mid week to do the plumbing for the tub as kevin could not figure it out after two late nights.  it's just getting too damn close to my due date, i can't take the kids AND a newborn to my inlaws to shower, we gotta get this washroom DONE.

whew.  it's been a very long and very short week.


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