Big Sibs

Moses protecting Malcolm within the shield of the Breast Friend
as the sneaky Snoogle comes oozing out of the crib...

Malc looks so different from Moses and Chloe, though I do see a bit of both in passing in certain facial expressions or in between his growing transitions.  i wonder how much he will resemble his older brother and can't wait to see them together when Malc has grown a little more into his face.  i have a feeling he is going to idolize his big brother.

though Moses isn't over the top in smothering his little brother, he certainly does do a great job when he does get to have time with him.  for the most part, Moses is in school the majority of the day and once he is back home, he and chloe trail off to play/fight in their room while i mind the baby or the baby sleeps and get dinner started.  he doesn't get a lot of time with him, but when he does, he shows so much patience and a love that is less shall we say romantic and more responsible…?  he certainly has shown zero signs of disdain or upset but he doesn't rush over to him a million times a day the way chloe does.

this girl is just a little mama.  
she completely smothers her poor little brother.
i can't decide how he is going to react to this as he gets older, but for now he's taking it pretty well.

i've already caught her carrying him while standing ONCE.

i will say, as nerve-wracking as it is to supervise her while she olds him, she is actually pretty damn good at manipulating her body and arms to switch holding positions.  i'm very impressed!  i will say the she is often overwhelming with her very very high pitched baby talking voice and her large paws all over him.  despite the aggravating tone and frequency of her smotherings, i am grateful she is so in love with him and doesn't resent him at all for the amount of time he takes from me.

i'd love to get some of these photos taken in a properly set up and well lit session but then it wouldn't convey the reality that is our life.  maybe on another day when i have more energy.

this is going to be one lucky guy


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