Girls I've Known

just a few snaps of the lovely visits i have had from girls that entered my life following my high school years.  there is something very special about these friendships because unlike high school, you choose to make time with these friends.  you aren't necessarily forced into seeing them everyday for 5 years so you know they must be good.  

i've known Bronwen since 2004, right after i transferred from Kwantlen into Emily Carr.  i was introduced to a very blonde girl with a wide brim hat at my best friend's (at the time…) apartment in Kits.  it blows my mind to think i've known this girl for 10 years now.  Mal joined Bronwen in a late night visit  last Sunday to finally meet Feather.  I've known Mal for almost as long, but hung out in different circles until more recently.

 super stoked ladies

another East Van lady and newly pregnant Shmoo drove out
to meet Feather Bob this afternoon

i've known Shmoo for about 10 years as well when she moved into The Crooked House with the same BFF that introduced my to Bronwen.  it is so surreal to find out every few months that so many of these girls i have partied with and grown up with are starting families of their own.  it is so exciting to watch them grow emotionally through the beautiful and terrifying stages of pregnancy, knowing that they will soon give birth to a tiny person of their very own.  after 5 years of blogging (and a few years of Livejournal prior to this blog), i am reassured about my honesty and feel good about the picture i have painted of my reality.  to have so many people confide in me and message me with gratitude for my honesty makes it worthwhile knowing i have struck a chord with them, that they feel comforted knowing there is some other crazy person on their same crazy level.

Bronwen came for a second visit today after Shmoo.  
Alex was supposed to join her but got roped into another job.

she arrived along with this incredible piece of crocheting that took her probably 30 hours as well as some delicious babganoush, hummus and a chocolate quinoa cake from Nuba

the two large pieces took her about 12 hours each

oh Feather
you are such a cutie pie

i have some truly wonderful friends

thank you guys for making the long drive out to visit
i look forward to many more years together



  1. Alex is disappointed he couldn't come, especially after seeing these lovely photos!

    - B


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